Chinese song-Mom's kiss-ma ma de wen-妈妈的吻

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about Mom's kiss. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

In the remote mountain village, small, small mountain village,
zài  nà  yáo  yuǎn  de  xiǎo  shān  cūn  ,  xiǎo  ya  xiǎo  shān  cūn,  

My dear mother, has white hair temples,
wǒ  nà  qīn  ài  de  mā  ma  ,  yǐ  bái  fā  bìn  bìn,
The past time unforgettable, unforgettable,
guò  qù  de  shí  guāng  nàn  wàng  huái,  nàn  wàng  huái, 

How many kisses my mother gave me, how many kisses,
mā  ma  zēng  gěi  wǒ  duō  shao  wěn  ,  duō  shao  wěn,

Kiss dry tears on my face, warm my young heart,
wěn  gàn  wǒ  liǎn  shàng  de  lèi  huā  ,  wēn  nuǎn  wǒ  nà  yòu  xiǎo  de  xīn,

Mother's kiss, sweet kiss,
mā  ma  de  wěn  ,  tián  mì  de  wěn,

Let me miss now, looking at the hometown of the small village,
jiào  wǒ  sī  niàn  dào  rú  jīn  ,  yáo  wàng  jiā  xiāng  de  xiǎo  shān  cūn,  

Little mountain village, my lovely little swallow,
xiǎo  ya  xiǎo  shān  cūn  ,  wǒ  nà  kě  ài  de  xiǎo  yàn  zi,  

But when she got home, she had a little wish,
kě  huí  le  jiā  mén  ,  nǚ  ér  yǒu  gè  xiǎo  xiǎo  xīn  yuàn, 

A little wish, and a kiss from my mother,
xiǎo  xiǎo  xīn  yuàn  ,  zài  huan  mā  ma  yī  gè  wěn,  

A kiss, a kiss to dry her sad tears,
yī  gè  wěn  ,  wěn  gàn  tā  nà  sī  er  de  lèi  zhū,  

To soothe her lonely heart, a daughter's kiss,
ān  fǔ  tā  nà  gū  dú  de  xīn  ,  nǚ  ér  de  wěn,
Pure kiss, may mother rejoice,
chún  jié  de  wěn  ,  yuàn  mā  ma  de  huān  xīn,

A daughter's kiss, a pure kiss,
nǚ  ér  de  wěn  ,  chún  jié  de  wěn,  
May mother rejoice.
yuàn  mā  ma  de  huān  xīn。 

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