Chinese song-I was a little confused-wo hai you dian xiao hu tu-我还有点小糊涂

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-I was a little confused. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The winter vacation just ended,
dōng  mián  jià  qī  gāng  gāng  jié  shù,
I'm still a little confused,
wǒ  hái  yǒu  diǎn  hú  tu,
Birds wake the forest overhead,
niǎo  er  zài  tóu  dǐng  bǎ  sēn  lín  jiào  xǐng,
The spring air makes me comfortable,
chūn  tiān  kōng  qì  ràng  wǒ  hěn  shū  fu, 

The sun was red in the sky,
tiān  shang  tài  yáng  yǐ  hóng  pū  pū,
It looks very blurry,
kàn  qǐ  lái  hěn  mó  hu,
There are some small trees on the distant hillside,
yuǎn  chù  shān  pō  yǒu  jǐ  kē  xiǎo  shù,
I didn't remember it last year before hibernation,
qù  nián  dōng  mián  qián  wǒ  méi  jì  zhù,  

Grass and berries sweet,
qīng  cǎo  xiāng  jiāng  guǒ  tián,  

Drinking the dew and leaning against the tree,
hē  zhe  lù  shui  kào  zhe  shù,

Raise your head on tiptoe,
tái  qǐ  tou  diǎn  jiǎo  jiān, 

Quicken my pace of growing up,
jiā  kuài  wǒ  zhǎng  dà  de  jiǎo  bù,  

Whistling and humming,
chuī  kǒu  shào  hēng  zhe  gē,

Wobble and find your way,
yáo  yáo  huàng  huàng  zhǎo  dào  lù,  

Shake your head and rub your eyes,
huàng  nǎo  dai  róu  yǎn  jing,
Growing up, I was a little confused.
zhǎng  dà  de  wǒ  hái  yǒu  diǎn  xiǎo  hú  tu。  

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