Chinese song-I love my father, I love my mother-wo ai ba ba,wo ai ma ma-我爱爸爸我爱妈妈

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-I love my father, I love my mother. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

I love my father, I love my mother, I love my father and mother,
wǒ  ài  bà  ba  wǒ  ài  mā  ma  ,  wǒ  ài  bà  ba  mā  ma,
When I came into this world, I had a lovely home,
dàng  wǒ  lái  dào  zhè  ge  shì  jiè  ,  jiù  yǒu  yī  gè  kě  ài  de  jiā,
There are pictures on the walls and flowers in the cradle,
qiáng  shàng  tiē  mǎn  tú  huà  ,  yáo  lán  chā  mǎn  xiān  huā,
My father called me a good baby, my mother called me a doll,
bà  ba  jiào  wǒ  hǎo  bǎo  bèi  ,  mā  ma  jiào  wǒ  guāi  wá  wa,
Oh how many spring and autumn, oh how many winter and summer,
ō  duō  shao  chūn  qiū  ,  ō  duō  shao  dōng  xià ,
I will laugh, cry, walk, climb, laugh, cry, walk, climb,
wǒ  huì  xiào  huì  kū  huì  zǒu  huì  pá  ,  huì  xiào  huì  kū  huì  zǒu  huì  pá ,

Just learn to call mom and dad, I love dad I love mom,
cái  xué  huì  jiào  bà  ba  mā  ma  ,  wǒ  ài  bà  ba  wǒ  ài  mā  ma ,
I love mom and dad, when I back a small schoolbag,
wǒ  ài  bà  ba  mā  ma  ,  dàng  wǒ  bèi  shàng  xiǎo  shū  bāo,
Bouncing left home and took me to school in the morning,
tiào  tiào  bèng  bèng  lí  kāi  le  jiā  ,  qīng  chén  sòng  wǒ  shàng  xué,

Take me home in the evening, my father taught me to study hard,
bàng  wǎn  jiē  wǒ  huí  jiā  ,  bà  ba  jiào  wǒ  qín  xué  xí ,

My mother taught me to love my country,
mā  ma  jiào  wǒ  ài  guó  jiā  ,  ō  duō  shao  dīng  níng ,
Oh how much care, I grow up every day,
 ō  duō  shao  qiān  guà  ,  wǒ  tiān  tiān  xiàng  shàng  chéng  cái  zhǎng  dà,

Every day to grow up, thank your mom and dad.
tiān  tiān  xiàng  shàng  chéng  cái  zhǎng  dà  ,  yào  gǎn  xiè  nǐ  bà  ba  mā  ma 。 

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