Chinese song-Hide and seek-zhuo mi cang-捉迷藏

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Hide and seek. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Four dolls in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Love to play hide and seek,
chūn  xià  qiū  dōng  sì  gè  wá  wa  .  ài  zhuō  mí  cáng  lái  wán  shuǎ ,
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, four dolls, love hide-and-seek, to play.
chūn  xià  qiū  dōng  ,  sì  gè  wá  wa  ,  ài  zhuō  mí  cáng  ,  lái  wán  shuǎ  。

Winter to hide spring, autumn to hide summer ah, you find me, I find him.
dōng  duǒ  chūn  lái  ,  qiū  duǒ  xià  ya  ,  nǐ  zhǎo  wǒ  lái  ,  wǒ  zhǎo  tā  。
Hide among flowers (spring), hide under a straw hat (summer).
(  chūn  tiān  )  cáng  zài  huā  cóng  zhōng  ,  (  xià  tiān  )  duǒ  zài  cǎo  mào  xià  。 
Into the grain heap (autumn), into the cotton coat (winter).
(  qiū  tiān  )  zuān  rù  gǔ  duī  duī  ,  (  dōng  tiān  )  suō  jìn  mián  guà  guà  。  

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