Chinese song-Happy New Year-xin nian xi yang yang-新年喜洋洋

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Happy New Year. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.Happy New Year is coming,
xǐ  yáng  yáng  nà  ge  xīn  nián  dào  a,
Adults and children get up early,
dà  ren  xiǎo  hái  dōu  qǐ  de  zǎo,
The one in the new clothes has the new hat,
chuān  xīn  yì  nà  ge  dài  xīn  mào  ya,
There was a smile on every face,
rén  rén  de  liǎn  shàng  dōu  dài  zhe  xiào,
The guy with the dragon lantern set off firecrackers,
shuǎ  lóng  dēng  nà  ge  fàng  biān  pào  a,
Banging and clanging,
dōng  dōng  qiāng  qiāng  pīng  pīng  pāng  pāng,
Attach a red couplet,
tiē  shàng  yī  zhāng  hóng  hóng  de  duì  lián,
Everything is as good as it gets.
wàn  shì  rú  yì  jí  xīng  gāo  gāo  zhào。  

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