Chinese song-Everyone is happy together-da jia yi qi xi yang yang-大家一起喜洋洋

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Everyone is happy together. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Pleasant sheep beautiful sheep Lazy sheep boiling sheep sheep,
喜羊羊 美羊羊 懒羊羊 沸羊羊 ,
xǐ  yáng  yáng  měi  yáng  yáng  lǎn  yáng  yáng  fèi  yáng  yáng ,

What is sheep like?
什么羊什么样 ?
shén  me  yáng  shén  me  yàng?  

What kind of sheep is happy,
shén  me  yáng  dōu  xǐ  yáng  yáng ,
We are a bunch of little sheep,
wǒ  men  shì  yī  qún  xiǎo  xiǎo  de  yáng,
Little sheep are very kind, 
xiǎo  xiǎo  de  yáng  er  dōu  hěn  shàn  liáng ,
 Good will only be in the prairie,
shàn  liáng  de  zhǐ  huì  zài  cǎo  yuán  shàng,
Lazy beauty basking in the sun,
懒懒的 美美的 晒太阳 ,
lǎn  lǎn  de  měi  měi  de  shài  tài  yang,
Even though there's a gray Wolf next door,
suī  rán  lín  jū  zhù  zhe  huī  tài  láng,
Sometimes there is no sun,
虽然有时候没有太阳 , 
suī  rán  yǒu  shí  hòu  méi  yǒu  tài  yáng,
Only the sheep village has music,
只有羊村里有音乐 ,
 zhǐ  yǒu  yáng  cūn  lǐ  yǒu  yīn  yuè,
All the singing and dancing are crazy.
唱唱的 跳跳的 都疯狂。
chàng  chàng  de  tiào  tiào  de  dōu  fēng  kuáng。  

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