Chinese song-Ducky quack-xiao ya ga ga-小鸭嘎嘎

Friday, March 31, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Ducky quack. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

We have a family of ducklings at home,
wǒ  men  jiā  li  yǎng  le  yī  qún  xiǎo  yā  zi,
I drive them to the pond every morning,
wǒ  tiān  tiān  zǎo  chén  gǎn  zhe  tā  men  dào  chí  táng  li,
The duckling quacked when he saw me,
xiǎo  yā  zi  jiàn  le  wǒ  jiù  gā  gā  gā  de  jiào,
Goodbye, little duck. I'm going to school,
zài  jiàn  ba  xiǎo  yā  zi  wǒ  yào  shàng  xué  le,
We have a family of ducklings at home,
wǒ  men  jiā  li  yǎng  le  yī  qún  xiǎo  yā  zi ,
I came home from school and drove them to the shed,
wǒ  fàng  xué  huí  lái  gǎn  zhe  tā  men  dào  péng  li  qù,
The duckling quacked when he saw me,
xiǎo  yā  zi  jiàn  le  wǒ  jiù  gā  gā  gā  de  jiào,  

Go to sleep little duck The sun is going down.
shuì  jiào  ba  xiǎo  yā  zi  tài  yáng  xià  shān  le。  


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