Chinese song-cloud-yun-云

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-cloud. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

The sky was covered with clouds,
天上云 一层层,
tiān  shang  yún  yī  céng  céng,
Like dogs and sheep,
像小狗 像羊群, 
xiàng  xiǎo  gǒu,  xiàng  yáng  qún,
Like mushrooms, like fish, 
像蘑菇, 像鱼,
 xiàng  mó  gu , xiàng  yú,
Like two little dolls sitting on a stool in a heart-to-heart,  
又像两个小娃娃 坐着凳儿在谈心,
 yòu  xiàng  liǎng  gè  xiǎo  wá  wa , zuò  zhe  dèng  er  zài  tán  xīn,  
The sky was covered with clouds,
天上云 一层层,
tiān  shang  yún  yī  céng  céng ,
Like dogs and sheep,
像小狗 像羊群,
xiàng  xiǎo  gǒu  xiàng  yáng  qún, 

Like mushrooms and fish scales,  
像蘑菇, 像鱼鳞, 
xiàng  mó  gu,  xiàng  yú  lín ,

Like two little dolls sitting on a stool in a heart-to-heart.
又像两个小娃娃 坐着凳儿在谈心。
yòu  xiàng  liǎng  gè  xiǎo  wá  wa  zuò  zhe  dèng  er  zài  tán  xīn。  

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