Chinese song-Clay doll-ni wa wa-泥娃娃

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Clay doll. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.Clay doll Clay doll A clay doll,
泥娃娃, 泥娃娃 ,一个泥娃娃,
ní  wá  wa , ní  wá  wa,  yī  gè  ní  wá  wa,
 She has those eyebrows and she has those eyes that don't blink,
她有那眉毛 也有那眼睛眼睛不会眨,
tā  yǒu  nà  méi  mao  yě  yǒu  nà  yǎn  jing  yǎn  jing  bù  huì  zhǎ ,
She has the nose and she has the mouth and she doesn't talk,
她有那鼻子, 也有那嘴巴, 嘴巴不说话,
tā  yǒu  nà  bí  zi , yě  yǒu  nà  zuǐ  ba , zuǐ  ba  bù  shuō  huà,
She's a fake doll not a real doll,
她是个假娃娃 ,不是个真娃娃 ,
tā  shì  gè  jià  wá ,wa  bù  shì  gè  zhēn  wá  wa,
She has no dear father and no mother,
她没有亲爱的爸爸, 也没有妈妈, 
tā  méi  yǒu  qīn  ài  de  bà  ba , yě  méi  yǒu  mā  ma ,
I'll be her father and I'll be her mother,Love her forever.
我做她爸爸, 我做她妈妈, 永远爱着她。 
wǒ  zuò  tā  bà  ba,  wǒ  zuò  tā  mā  ma , yǒng  yuǎn  ài  zhe  tā。  

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