Chinese song-Cicada-zhi liao-知了

Monday, May 8, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Cicada. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Cicada called cicada every day,
zhī  liǎo  zhī  liǎo  tiān  tiān  jiào  zhī  liǎo  ,

After all know how much,
jiū  jìng  zhī  liǎo  zhī  dao  duō  shao ,
The summer heat is inherently annoying,
xià  jì  de  yán  rè  běn  lái  jiù  ràng  rén  fán  zào ,

The cacophony of cicadas is frustrating,
zhī  liǎo  de  cáo  zá  ràng  rén  ào  náo,
Cicada ,Cicada , you really ignorant you can know,
zhī  liǎo  zhī  liǎo  nǐ  zhēn  wú  zhī  nǐ  kě  zhī  dao,
Since the cicada is not so need to report,
zhī  liǎo  zhī  liǎo  nǐ  zhēn  wú  zhī  nǐ  kě  zhī  dao,
The cry of tearing heart and splitting lung every day,
tiān  tiān  sī  xīn  liè  fèi  de  míng  jiào,
It shows just how stupid and ridiculous you are.
qià  qià  xiǎn  lù  nǐ  de  yú  mèi  huāng  táng  kě  xiào 。

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