Chinese song-Childhood fun in four seasons-si ji tong qu-四季童趣

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Childhood fun in four seasons. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Childhood fun in spring, is a kite line,
tóng  qù  zài  chūn  tiān  ,  shì  yī  gēn  fēng  zheng  xiàn,
Fly dragonfly flowers and butterflies,
放飞蜻蜓 花蝴蝶, 
fàng  fēi  qīng  tíng  huā  hú  dié,
Laughter flies into the sky,
xiào  shēng  ya  fēi  shàng  tiān ,
Childhood fun in summer, is a river bend,
tóng  qù  zài  xià  tiān  ,  shì  yī  tiáo  xiǎo  hé  wān,
Fish, shrimp and crabs flee everywhere,
鱼虾螃蟹 四处逃, 
yú  xiā  páng  xiè  sì  chù  táo ,
Laughter is chasing,
xiào  shēng  zài  zhuī  gǎn,
Childhood fun in autumn, is a long bamboo pole,
tóng  qù  zài  qiū  tiān  ,  shì  yī  gēn  zhǎng  zhú  gān,
Beat dates and pick apples with it,
yòng  tā  dǎ  zǎo  zhāi  píng  guǒ,
The laughter is sweet and sweet,
xiào  shēng  ya  tián  yòu  tián,
Childhood fun in winter, is a sled board,
tóng  qù  zài  dōng  tiān  ,  shì  yī  kuài  xuě  qiāo  bǎn,
Turn left and right and go downhill,
左弯右拐 冲下坡, 
zuǒ  wān  yòu  guǎi  chōng  xià  pō ,
The laughter did not go away,It doesn't go away.
xiào  shēng  piāo  bù  sàn  ,  piāo  bù  sàn 。 


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