Chinese song-Changting outside the ancient road edge-chang ting wai gu dao bian-长亭外古道边

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songss? Here is a song named-Changting outside the ancient road edge. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Changting outside the ancient road edge,
长亭外 古道边,
cháng  tíng  wài  gǔ  dào  biān,
The grass is green and the sky is blue,
fāng  cǎo  bì  lián  tiān,

The night wind blows the sound of willow flute,
wǎn  fēng  fú  liǔ  dí  shēng  cán,
The setting sun and the mountains are beyond,
 xī  yáng  shān  wài  shān ,

The edge of heaven is the edge of earth,
天之涯 地之角, 
tiān  zhī  yá  di zhī  jiǎo  ,

Intimate friends are half scattered,
zhī  jiāo  bàn  líng  luò,
A dendrobium liquor do more than happy,
yī  hú  zhuó  jiǔ  jìn  yú  huān,
Don't sleep cold tonight.
jīn  xiāo  bié  mèng  hán。  

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