Chinese song-Apple tree-ping guo shu-苹果树

Friday, June 2, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Apple tree. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

I'm going to find that tailor from Sichuan,
wǒ  yào  qù  zhǎo  nà  ge  sì  chuān  de  cái  feng,
She lives in the apple tree,
tā  zhù  zài  píng  guǒ  shù  shàng ,

Wait for the moon to open every day,
měi  tiān  děng  dài  yuè  liang  de  kāi  kǒu,  

And then fled home in silence,
rán  hòu  chén  mò  de  táo  lí  gù  xiāng,
I want to find those summer night breeze,
wǒ  xiǎng  yào  zhǎo  nà  xiē  xià  yè  de  wǎn  fēng,
They're all in your eyes,
tā  men  dōu  huà  zài  nǐ  yǎn  li ,
You sit on the river free but alone,
nǐ  zuò  zài  hé  miàn  zì  yóu  què  gū  dān,  

Drown our blue years,
yān  mò  wǒ  men  lán  sè  de  nián  dài,
I have come to your pond Bridge more than once,
wǒ  bù  zhǐ  yī  cì  de   lái  dào  nǐ  de  táng  qiáo,

Knock on your window with bacon,
yòng  xián  ròu  qiāo  nǐ  de  chuāng  hu,
I think about it more than once when I'm leaving,
wǒ  bù  zhǐ  yī  cì  de  zài  lí  kāi  shí  huí  xiǎng,  

That feeling is called if.
nà  zhǒng  gǎn  jué  jiù  jiào  tā  rú  guǒ。 

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