Chinese song-A tiger is tiger-lao hu shi tiger-老虎是tiger

Monday, March 27, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-A tiger is tiger. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

A panda is panda, tiger is tiger,
xióng  māo  shì  panda  ,  lǎo  hǔ  shì  tiger  ,

A butterfly is a butterfly, a rabbit is a rabbit,
hú  dié  shì  butterfly  ,  tù  zi  shì  rabbit  ,  

A cat is a cat, a dog is a dog,
māo  shì  cat  ,  gǒu  shì  dog  ,  
A monkey is a monky, an elephant is an elephant.
hóu  zi  shì  monkey  ,  dà  xiàng  shì  elephant  。  

The tiger is fierce, the panda is lovely,
lǎo  hǔ  xiōng  ,  xióng  māo  kě  ài  ,  

Butterflies are the most beautiful, rabbits run fast,
hú  dié  zuì  piào  liang  ,  tù  zi  pǎo  de  kuài  ,
The cat is lovely, the dog is the most loyal,
māo  kě  ài  ,  gǒu  zuì  zhōng  chéng  ,

The monkey is the wisest, the elephant the strongest.
hóu  zi  zuì  cōng  ming  ,  dà  xiàng  zuì  xióng  zhuàng  。 

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