Chinese song-A polite greeting-li mao wen hou yu-礼貌问候语

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-A polite greeting. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

I am I and YOU are you,
wǒ  shì  I  nǐ  shì  YOU,
Say HOLLE when you meet,
 jiàn  miàn  wèn  hǎo  shuō  HOLLE,

HOW ARE YOU? How are you?
你好吗 ?HOW ARE YOU? 
nǐ  hǎo  ma ? HOW  ARE  YOU ?

THANK YOU. Thank you,
xiè  xie  nǐ  THANK  YOU,
I'm sorry SOORY,
对不起 SOORY, 
duì  bù  qǐ  SOORY,
没关系 THIS OK, 
méi  guān  xi  THIS  OK ,
Meet and say HI HI,
见面问声HI HI,
jiàn  miàn  wèn  shēng  HI  HI ,
BYE, BYE, bye,
再见再见BYE BYE, 
zài  jiàn  zài  jiàn  BYE  BYE,

GOOD MORNING. Good morning,
zǎo  shang  hǎo  GOOD  MORNING ,

GOOD NIGHT good night good night,
wǎn  ān  wǎn  ān  GOOD  NIGHT,

Meet and say HI HI,
见面问声HI HI,
jiàn  miàn  wèn  shēng  HI  HI,

 BYE, BYE, bye,
再见再见BYE BYE,
zài  jiàn  zài  jiàn  BYE  BYE,
GOOD MORNING. Good morning,
zǎo  shang  hǎo  GOOD  MORNING,

GOOD NIGHT good night good night.
wǎn  ān  wǎn  ān  GOOD  NIGHT。  

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