Sui Ren makes fire

Thursday, January 12, 2023

In ancient times, humans could not eat steaming food like now. People ate wild melons and fruits, as well as mussels and clams, which were eaten raw. These raw and cold foods were fishy, hard and difficult to digest. The consequence of eating in this way was to infect bacteria, and then get all kinds of diseases, especially the young ones, who had insufficient resistance, and were more likely to die.

At that time, human beings did not know what "fire" was, let alone how to make fire, and the invention and use of fire can be said to be the symbol of human civilization.

Man's original fire was a pure natural fire. The long drought without rain and the scorching sun in the sky scorched the earth and dried some dry leaves, forming a natural fire. Sometimes the fire gets bigger and bigger and even destroys an entire forest.

Sometimes heavy rain, thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning hit dead trees, will also cause fire. People found that fire can eat cooked food and practice it slowly. Later, they found that fire can be used to keep warm and disperse wild animals. However, natural fire does not always exist. Fire is needed to keep out the cold in winter, but natural fire is only available in summer. At that time, humans can only get the fire in summer and keep it until winter. It's very difficult. Sometimes once they forget to add firewood, the fire goes out. In this way, they have to continue to suffer cold in winter.

Later, when humans beat stones, they sometimes found that the collision of two stones would produce sparks. Therefore, we surrounded the withered grass and leaves, and then hit stones on them. Occasionally, the withered leaves and grass ignited, so that people mastered a simple manual fire taking method. However, the sparks generated by striking stones are sometimes easy to take fire, but sometimes it is difficult to ignite.

Sui Ren Makes Fire

Later, Sui Renshi appeared. Sui Renshi was the son of Youchao.

Suiren also wanted to make a contribution to mankind. Seeing that it was inconvenient for people to chisel stones and take fire, he actively thought about better ways. Suiren saw the divine bird owl (Xiao) say the first sound! When pecking wood, it will send out sparks, which gave him great inspiration. When he came home, he took the dry wood and rubbed it with a hard tool. Before long, the dry wood burned. This is the story of Suiren's brick and wood making fire.

The invention of artificial fire taking is a major event in the history of human civilization. It marks that human civilization has entered a new stage.

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