Lu Ban, the Ancestor of Craftsmen

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Lu Ban, the ancestor of craftsmen, is honored as "the ancestor of workers for all ages and the master of artists for thousands of years". He has extraordinary creativity and invented many rare magical things. However, most people in later generations studied the "natural work opens things" in woodworking skills, and few people found inspiration from Luban books. Why did this happen?


The book of Luban is also called lack of one. It is said that only those who are "lonely, widowed, widowed, disabled and absolutely" can practice. Ordinary people who study Luban books will also become five deficient people. Therefore, most people don't want to enter Luban. It is not difficult to see that Luban's real identity must be more than a carpenter! More than 2000 years later, his hidden identity finally surfaced.
Luban Zhou's well-known identity is the ancestor of carpentry. He is from Shandong, formerly known as Gongshu Ban. When they were born, the cranes gathered together, accompanied by strange fragrance, which lasted for a long time. He has been very interested in carpentry since he was a child. Fortunately, his parents didn't stop him. His father taught him carpentry. And he was really a talented man who invented many carpenter's tools.
The four famous inventions are saw, Luban ruler, plane and stone mill. Every classic tool invented is the expression of his good thinking and summary. Take the saw for example. It is said that once he went to cut grass in the mountains and accidentally cut his hand by the serrated grass leaf. Looking at the leaf, Luban immediately thought of making a toothed tool, so as to save labor in cutting wood.
But how to make this hard tool and what kind of material can it be made of? He has been thinking about this problem. After thinking about it, he decided to try with an iron sheet. Then he found a local blacksmith and soon made the parts he needed. When Luban got home, he sawed the wood with his apprentice. Sure enough, he sawed the wood off a few times.


Lu Ban Lock

He invented these tools to make people's life more and more convenient, and his mechanism technology has solved many problems in people's life. The most classic is to solve the problem of room security lock: the lock commonly used by people in the past is very simple, and the key is easy to copy, so important rooms are often stolen.

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