Tang Tai Zong-Li Shi Min

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Li Shimin (from January 23, 599 to July 10, 649), whose ancestral home is Chengji in Longxi (now Qin'an, Gansu Province), said that he was from Didao in Longxi (now Lintao County, Gansu Province) and Julu Prefecture. The second emperor of the Tang Dynasty (626-649), a politician, strategist, militarist, calligrapher and poet.

Li Shi Min

Li Shimin joined the army as a young man and went to Yanmen pass to rescue emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty. He initiated the army in Jinyang, worshipped the right leader of the Dadu, was granted the Duke of Dunhuang County, led the army to break Chang'an, worshipped the Shangshu order and doctor Guanglu, and was granted the Duke of Qin and the Duke of Zhao. After the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, the leaders calmed the separatist forces such as Xue rengao, Liu Wuzhou, Dou Jiande, Wang Shichong and Liu heikai, made great military achievements for the establishment and unification of the Tang Dynasty, worshipped general Tiance and granted the king of Qin. On the fourth day of June in the ninth year of Wude (July 2, 626), he launched the "change of Xuanwu Gate", killed Crown Prince Li Jiancheng and King Li Yuanji of Qi, and was listed as crown prince. On the ninth day of August, Li Yuan, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, abdicated, and Li Shimin, the emperor, was named Zhenguan. At the beginning of his reign, he listened to the opinions of the ministers and accepted the advice with an open mind. Governing the world with internal culture, practicing strict economy, persuading the class of agricultural mulberry, realizing recuperation, national peace and public security, and creating the "rule of Zhenguan". Open up territory and territory to the outside world, attack and destroy East Turks and Xue yantuo, conquer Gaochang, kuci and Tuyuhun, and hit goguryo hard. The four towns of Anxi were established to get along well with all ethnic groups in the northern region and won the title of "Tian Khan", which laid an important foundation for the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty for more than 100 years.

On May 26, the 23rd year of Zhenguan (July 10, 649), Li Shimin died in Hanfeng hall at the age of 52. He was in power for 23 years. His temple name was Taizong and his posthumous title was Emperor Wen (later added the posthumous title of emperor Guangxiao), and was buried in Zhaoling. He loved literature and calligraphy, and his poems and calligraphy treasures were handed down.

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