Qing Dynasty-Kangxi Di

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Aisin juero Xuanye, the holy ancestor of the Qing Dynasty, was the fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty and the second emperor after the capital of the Qing Dynasty was settled in Beijing. His year was "Kangxi".

Qing Dynasty-Kangxi Di

Emperor Kangxi ascended the throne at the age of 8 and was in power at the age of 14. He reigned for 61 years. He is the longest reigning emperor in Chinese history. At the beginning of the reign, the domestic and international situation was very severe. In the face of the grim situation, he insisted on large-scale use of troops to achieve territorial integrity and reunification. When Emperor Kangxi was a teenager, he defeated aobai, a powerful minister, and began to be truly in power. In the ninth year, the imperial platform was rectified, the cabinet system was restored, and the sixteen articles of the Oracle were promulgated. In the 20th year of Kangxi's reign (1681), he calmed down the rebellion of San Francisco; Penghu naval battle to unify Taiwan; Thwarted the Tsarist Russian invading army and signed the Nebuchadnezzar treaty to ensure China's sovereignty over the Heilongjiang Basin; Three expeditions of kardan and victory; The "Duolun League" was established to replace the war and contact various ministries of Mongolia. Strengthening centralization of power politically; Flaunt benevolent government, attract Han Scholars, and pay attention to recuperation and economic development. However, Emperor Kangxi was tired and diligent in his later years, resulting in the corruption of official governance. In addition, many princes competed for the throne because of the abolition of the crown prince, which had a negative impact on the politics of Emperor Kangxi in his later years.

Emperor Kangxi was the defender of a unified multi-ethnic country, which laid the foundation for the prosperity of the Qing Dynasty and created the overall situation of the prosperous era of Kangxi and Qianlong. Some scholars respected him as "one emperor for thousands of years", while others respected him as "one emperor for thousands of years". In the 61st year of Kangxi (1722), he collapsed in Changchun Garden on November 13 of the lunar calendar. He was 69 years old.

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