Hua Tuo, the traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Hua Tuo is one of the few outstanding surgeons in the history of Chinese medicine. He makes good use of anesthesia, acupuncture, moxibustion and other methods, and is good at opening the chest and breaking the abdomen. The method of surgery is not the mainstream treatment of traditional Chinese medicine based on the culture of "respecting Confucianism". Under the proposition of "body and skin, subject to parents" of Confucianism, surgery has not developed on a large scale in traditional Chinese medicine.

Huo Tuo

Some medical historians have verified that the treatment methods used by Hua Tuo are recorded in Indian medicine, and the main drug "Mandora flower" in Mapei powder he used is also produced in India. Therefore, they suggest that Hua Tuo has traveled all over the central plains all his life, and he is likely to be a doctor from India. This statement has certain reference value.

As far back as the Han Dynasty, traditional Chinese medicine surgery once reached a fairly high level. However, with the passage of time and the continuous progress of traditional Chinese medicine in theory and practice, most diseases can be cured by acupuncture, drugs and other treatment methods, and these surgical methods with great pain, serious injury and broken meridians are gradually replaced by more "civilized" and "simple" internal treatment methods. Under this condition, traditional Chinese medicine has also made great progress. Many other medicine have to admit its transcendence of science and the subtlety and far-reaching of its theory.

Although all of Hua Tuo's medical books were burned, his academic thought did not completely die out, especially in the research of traditional Chinese medicine. His disciple Wu Pu is a famous pharmacist. Many contents of Wu Pu's materia medica can be seen in later medical books.


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