Confucius - Top Ten Cultural Celebrities in The World

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Confucius (September 28, 551 B.C. - April 11, 479 B.C.), surnamed Zi, surnamed Kong, named Qiu, with the word Zhongni, was born in zouyi, the state of Lu (now Qufu City, Shandong Province), whose ancestral home is Liyi, the state of song (now Xiayi County, Henan Province), a great thinker, politician and educator in ancient China, founder of Confucianism, and "Dacheng supreme sage".

Confucius kong zi

Confucius created the style of private lectures and advocated benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith. There are three thousand disciples, seventy-two of whom are virtuous. He once led some disciples to travel around the countries for 14 years and revised the six classics in his later years (poetry, book, ceremony, music, changes and spring and Autumn). After his death, his disciples and his disciples recorded the words, deeds, quotations and thoughts of Confucius and his disciples and compiled them into the Analects of Confucius. The book is regarded as a Confucian classic.

Confucius was one of the most erudite people in the society at that time. When he was alive, he was respected as "the saint of heaven" and "the wooden duo of heaven". He was also respected by later rulers as the sage of Confucius, the most holy, the most holy teacher, the most holy literary propaganda king, and the teacher of all ages. His thought has a far-reaching impact on China and the world. He is listed as the first of the "top ten cultural celebrities in the world". With the expansion of Confucius' influence, the "Confucius worship ceremony" to worship Confucius once became a great sacrifice at the same level as the sacrifice of Chinese ancestors.

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