Bian Que, the China's medical saint

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Bian Que, the famous doctor in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, and is from Bohai county. Bian Que once lived in Jiuxian Cave (also known as Qin Yue people's cave, which is recorded in the poem "chanting in Qin Yue people's cave" written by Yu Hu in the Tang Dynasty), pengque mountain (inner Hill), pengque mountain (the general name of Peng mountain and que mountain).

Bian Que

He learned from Chang sang Jun, preached the forbidden prescriptions of his medical skills, drank the water from the "upper pool" (stone basin) on the top of the mountain, and developed superb medical skills. At the beginning, Zhao Jianzi cured his illness of staying awake for five days. Zhao Jianzi gave him a pengque mountain field of 40000 Mu to flat magpies and got a place to eat. Coincidentally, at the head of pengque mountain and above the flat magpie cave, there are natural stone magpies who want to fly and the image of magical stone figures in the world. Zhao people regard Qin and Yue as auspicious magpies, and respectfully call them "flat magpies", that is, "those in Zhao are called flat magpies".

 Bian Que visited the state of Guo and skillfully treated the "corpse syncope" of the crown prince of Guo, bringing him back to life. The crown prince of Guo was grateful for abandoning his country and came to taiziyan of pengque mountain. He traveled with Bian Que as a doctor and collected herbs from the mountain. Bian Que was killed in Xianyang by Li Yi, a doctor of the Qin Dynasty. Zhao people in pengque mountain traveled thousands of miles, took his head back from Xianyang and buried it at the foot of the mountain. Jiaozi village and langjiazhuang were combined into one and changed to "Shentou village". Since then, temples have been built and worshipped for generations.

Bian Que laid the foundation of traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. In his whole life, he carefully summarized the previous and folk experience, combined with his own medical practice, and made outstanding contributions to traditional Chinese medicine in diagnosis, pathology and treatment. Bian Que's medical experience plays an important role in China's medical history and has a great impact on China's medical development. Therefore, the medical community has always regarded Bian Que as the ancestor of ancient Chinese medicine, saying that he is "China's medical saint" and "the founder of ancient medicine".


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