The most Popular "Stinky" Food - Stinky Tofu

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Stinky Tofu is a popular and unique street food in East Asia, especially in Taiwan. It's made from fermented tofu that has a strong and distinct odor, giving it its name "Stinky Tofu." Despite its pungent smell, many people find the taste delicious and flavorful. Stinky Tofu can be deep-fried or served as a hot pot ingredient, and it's often accompanied by spicy sauce or pickled vegetables. It's a must-try for adventurous food lovers looking to experience the diverse flavors of Asian cuisine.

Simple Q&A about Stinky Tofu

Q: What is stinky tofu?

A: Stinky Tofu is called "臭豆腐" (chòu dòufu) in Chinese. It's a fermented tofu with a strong smell.

Q: Where is stinky tofu popular?

A: Stinky Tofu is popular流行(liú xíng)in Taiwan, China, and other East Asian countries.

Q: Is stinky tofu a popular street food?

A: Yes, stinky tofu is a popular street food in many Asian countries, especially in night markets 夜市(yè shì).

Key Sentences:

My friend loves the unique taste of stinky tofu.
Wǒde péngyǒu xǐhuān"chòu dòufu"tèbiéde wèidào.

At the night market,I saw many people enjoying stinky tofu.
Zài yèshì,wǒkàn dào hěnduōrén xǐhuān chī"chòu dòufu".

I tried"stinky tofu"for the first time in Taiwan.
Wǒzài táiwān chūcìchángshì"chòu dòufu".

Other foods that smell smelly,but taste tasty:

liú lián
榴  莲  Durian

luó sī fěn 
螺  丝 粉 Liu Zhou river snails rice noodle

chòu ɡuì yú 
臭   鳜  鱼 stinky mandarin fish

Have you ever felt the urge to try it? Which one do you want the most?

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