Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin-糖醋里脊 (tánɡ cù lǐ jǐ)

Monday, November 27, 2023

Sweet and sour pork tenderloin 糖醋里脊 (tánɡ cù lǐ jǐ) is a traditional Chinese dish. 里脊 (lǐ jǐ) refers to the lean meat of pigs. Most people like the taste of this dish. The ingredients used are easy to purchase and the production process is not complicated. It can be used as a home-cooked dish or for entertaining guests. Sweet and sour pork tenderloin belongs to many cuisines, and its presence is found throughout the country, with different cooking methods. Because the required ingredients are spread throughout the country, and tenderloin is an excellent ingredient for making various delicacies, most people know and love it. Fresh and 美味的 (měi wèi de) delicious tenderloin has a bright and glossy color, has high nutritional value, and is rich in high-quality protein. It is an essential element in the growth process of young children.

美味的 (měi wèi de), adj, delicious


  1. Mom can make delicious sandwiches.
    mā mɑ huì zuò měi wèi de sān mínɡ zhì
  2. She cooked many delicious food.
    tā zhǔ le hěn duō měi wèi de shí wù
  3. What a delicious supper!
    duō me měi wèi de wǎn cān ā

The history of sweet and sour pork tenderloin

Regarding the origin of sweet and sour pork tenderloin, it is said that this 有名的 (yǒu mínɡ de) famous dish originated during the Qin Dynasty 秦朝 (qín cháo) because at that time Qin Shi Huang 秦始皇 (qín shǐ huánɡ) preferred to eat sour and sweet flavors. So his mother ordered everyone to cook for his son in order for Qin Shi Huang to have a delicious meal. If this dish satisfied the emperor, he can be reused. From then on, a soldier made a sweet and sour pork tenderloin, which was recognized by Emperor Qin Shihuang and passed down from generation to generation.

有名的 (yǒu mínɡ de), adj, famous


  1. We learnt a famous song.
    wǒ men xué le yì shǒu yǒu mínɡ de ɡē qǔ
  2. He is a famous inventor.
    tā shì yí wèi yǒu mínɡ de fā mínɡ jiā
  3. It is one of the most famous cities that I have ever known.
    tā shì wǒ suǒ zhī dào de zuì yǒu mínɡ de chénɡ shì zhī yī

The main ingredients for making sweet and sour pork tenderloin

里脊肉 (lǐ jǐ ròu)-tenderloin
料酒 (liào jiǔ)-cooking wine
鸡蛋 (jī dàn)-egg
胡椒粉 (hú jiāo fěn)-pepper
盐 (yán)-salt
糖 (tánɡ)-sugar
白醋 (bái cù)-White vinegar
番茄酱 (fān qié jiànɡ)-ketchup
面粉 (miàn fěn)-flour

Key Sentences:

  1. When I was a child, I really enjoyed eating Grandma's sweet and sour pork tenderloin.
    wǒ xiǎo shí hou fēi chánɡ xǐ huɑn chī nǎi nɑi zuò de tánɡ cù lǐ jǐ.
  2. When Li was studying in Guangdong, he often went to restaurants to eat sweet and sour pork tenderloin.
    lǐ zài ɡuǎnɡ dōnɡ shànɡ xué de shí hou jīnɡ chánɡ qù cān ɡuǎn chī tánɡ cù lǐ jǐ.
  3. A carefully cooked bowl of sweet and sour pork tenderloin gave me the taste of home in my memory, which was full of love from my mother.
    yì wǎn jīnɡ xīn pēnɡ tiáo de tánɡ cù lǐ jǐ wǒ chī chū le jì yì zhōnɡ jiā de wèi dào nà shì mā mɑ mǎn mǎn de ài.

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