How to make Mapo Tofu?

Mapo Tofu, 麻婆豆腐, ma po dou fu

1. Ingredients: Tofu 400g, Diced Pork 100g , oil, bean paste, pepper, ginger, green onion, soy sauce, sugar, broth and sesame oil.


2. Chop the bean paste, onion and ginger.

 onion, ginger

3. Cut the Tofu into 2cm square pieces.

 cut the tofu

4. Put in boiling water with a little salt to remove the fishy smell of beans, take it out and soak it in water.

 boiled Tofu, 煮豆腐, zhu dou fu

5. Put 10g pepper granules into a dry pot and fry until fragrant (there is no need to put oil in the pot).

 fry the pepper, chao hua jiao, 炒花椒

6. Press peppercorns into powder and set aside

 press the pepper into powder

7. Heat the frying pan, put the oil, add the onion, ginger and bean paste, and stir fry the red oil.


8. Add Diced Pork, stir fry, and then add 100g broth (or water).


9. Pour in tofu, add soy sauce and sugar and cook for 3 minutes.


10. Add pepper powder, stir fry evenly, and finally pour sesame oil.

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