Have You ever Seen Black Eggs-Pidan 皮蛋 (pí dàn)

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

皮蛋 (pí dàn) Pidan, also known as Century Egg or Thousand-Year-Old Egg, is a traditional Chinese delicacy with a history dating back centuries. Despite its name, 皮蛋 (pí dàn) Pidan is not aged for a thousand years; Instead, it is preserved through a unique and intricate process. To make Century Eggs, duck, chicken, or quail eggs are coated in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice straw. They are then left to ferment and age in a cool, dark place. During this process, the egg undergoes a chemical transformation, resulting in a distinct appearance and flavor. Once ready, the Century Egg develops a jelly-like, translucent brown-black egg white and a creamy, greenish-gray yolk with a unique umami taste. Its texture is creamy, almost like a soft cheese, and it is often served as a side dish or added to congee (rice porridge) or salads.

Century Egg, also known as 皮蛋 (pí dàn) Pidan, is a preserved egg that differs from regular chicken eggs in appearance, taste, and texture.

Appearance: 皮蛋 (Pí dàn) Pidan has a dark brown to black outer shell, with a gelatinous, translucent brown-black egg white.

Chicken Egg: 鸡蛋 (jī dàn) has a typical white or brown shell, with a clear, gelatinous egg white.

Taste: Pidan has a unique, rich, and savory flavor with hints of ammonia and a distinct umami taste. Chicken eggs have a mild,neutral flavor and are often described as slightly sweet.

Texture: The egg white of Pidan is gelatinous, almost jelly-like, while the yolk is creamy, greenish-gray, and custard-like in texture.The egg white of a chicken egg is clear and liquid, while the yolk is usually yellow and has a creamy, semi-solid texture.

Key Sentences:

I ate a Century Egg,it was delicious!
Wǒchīle yīge pídàn,hěn měiwèi!

Century Egg is a traditional Chinese delicacy.
Pídàn shìZhōngguóchuántǒng de měishí.

The appearance and taste of Century Egg are different from regular chicken eggs.
Pídàn de wàiguān hékǒuwèi dōu yǔpǔtōng jīdàn bùtóng.

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