Chinese Version of Spaghetti - Zhajiangmian! You'll Definitely Love It.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Zhajiangmian is a classic Chinese noodle dish that is often referred to as the Chinese version of spaghetti. It features thick, hand-pulled wheat noodles topped with a savory and flavorful sauce called zhajiang.

Here's a simple introduction to Zhajiangmian:In Zhajiangmian, the noodles are typically cooked until they are chewy and al dente, providing a satisfying texture. The star of the dish is the zhajiang sauce, which is made by stir-frying minced meat (usually pork or beef) with fermented soybean paste, soy sauce, garlic, and other seasonings. This combination creates a rich and aromatic sauce that coats the noodles.

All the ingredients you need to make Zhajiangmian:

Noodles: miàn面
Fermented soybean paste: dòu bàn jiàng豆瓣酱
Cucumber slices: huáng guāpiàn黄瓜片
Scallions: cōng葱

Key Words:

zhá jiàng miàn
炸酱面 noodles with soy bean paste

I had a delicious bowl of Zhajiangmian for lunch today.
Jīntiān wǔcān wǒchīle yīwǎn měiwèi de zhájiàngmiàn.

Zhajiangmian is a popular street food in Beijing.
Zhájiàngmiàn shìběijīng liúxíng de jiētóu měishí.

My father likes to eat noodles, especially Zhajiangmian.
wǒ bà bɑ xǐ huɑn chī miàn tiáo, yóu qí xǐ huɑn chī zhà jiànɡ miàn.

Do you know?

Beijing Zhajangmian, along with five other kinds of noods, is known as the Five Great Noodles of China. They are: Beijing noodles with soy bean paste, Shanxi sliced noodles, Henan stewed noodles, Hubei hot dry noodles and Sichuan Dandan noodles. You should try it every chance you get.

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