Unlocking the Enigma of Hair Loss with Traditional Chinese Medicine: Internal Nourishment to Regain Thick and Lustrous Hair

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Are you troubled by hair loss? Due to the increasing pressures of work and study, many people have developed a habit of staying up late, making hair loss a common issue faced by many nowadays. It seems that no matter what one does, this situation cannot be improved. However, perhaps you could consider trying some traditional Chinese medical treatments! As a form of traditional medicine passed down in China for several thousand years, its practicality is extremely potent. This article will introduce to you how hair loss can be improved through internal regulation in Traditional Chinese Medicine!

The Real Causes of Hair Loss

In reality, hair 头发 (tóu fɑ) loss is not merely a surface phenomenon; it is an expression of internal imbalance in the body. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi and Blood are like the body's sources of energy, with Blood responsible for nourishing the whole body, including the hair, while Qi propels the smooth flow of blood within the body. Unreasonable dietary habits, prolonged mental stress, or post-illness recovery periods may reduce the production of Qi and Blood or impede their normal circulation. Consequently, the nourishment received by the hair reduces, leading to the issue of hair loss. Simply put, when the body lacks energy or when circulation is compromised, the hair may shed due to "hunger".

头发 (tóu fɑ), noun, hair


  1. She bleached her hair blonde.
    tā bǎ tóu fɑ rǎn chénɡ le jīn huánɡ sè 。
  2. She has long blackish hair.
    tā yǒu yì tóu wū hēi de chánɡ fā 。 

Overconsumption of greasy or spicy foods, or poor drainage and detoxification functions in the body, can result in the accumulation of Damp-Heat in the body. This excess Damp-Heat rising to the head, like steam steaming the scalp, damages the health of the hair follicles, thereby causing hair loss problems. In essence, an unhealthy diet or poor body fluid management can lead to the scalp being too "Damp-Heat," harming the area where hair grows and causing hair fall.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Improves Hair Loss

In fact, the causes of hair loss for each individual are closely related to their own lifestyle habits. Traditional Chinese Medicine will prescribe different medications based on each person's unique characteristics, with regulating Qi and Blood, the functions of the Spleen-Stomach, and eliminating Damp-Heat becoming crucial solutions.

If you find that you are experiencing hair loss along with pale complexion, easy fatigue and weakness, rapid heartbeat, or poor sleep, Traditional Chinese Medicine may recommend the use of medicinal herbs such as Astragalus, Angelica Sinensis, White Peony, Red Dates, and Longan Flesh.

The purpose of these herbs is to help supplement Qi and Blood, promote blood circulation and blood generation, thus improving the condition of hair loss. In simple terms, by nurturing the fundamental aspect of the body—Qi and Blood, the aim is to slow down hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

If you not only experience hair loss but also frequently feel lack of appetite, bloating, this may be due to weak functions of the Spleen-Stomach. In such cases, herbs like Ginseng, White Atractylodes, Poria, Dolichos Bean, and Barley Seed will come in handy.

They can help enhance the functions of the Spleen-Stomach, improve the body's ability to absorb nutrients, thus addressing the issue of hair loss. In other words, these herbs act as a boost for your Spleen-Stomach, allowing the body to better absorb nutrients from food and promoting hair growth.

If you find that your scalp is oily, prone to itching, experiencing hair loss, along with a persistent bitter taste in the mouth, this may be due to an excess of Damp-Heat in the body. In this case, herbs such as Poria, Alisma, Barley Seed, Plantain Seeds, and Dandelion can be of assistance.

They effectively clear Damp-Heat from the body, acting as a "refreshing SPA" for the body, relieving scalp oiliness and itching, while also benefiting hair loss, allowing you to feel light and comfortable both inside and out.

Acupuncture and Massage


This method involves needling certain special points on the head, such as the Baihui acupoint, Fengchi acupoint, and the Zusanli acupoint on the foot, to activate your energy channels, known as meridians, aiding in the smooth flow of Qi and Blood. This helps deliver more nutrients to the roots of your hair, stimulating the growth of new hair.

Scalp 头皮 (tóu pí) Massage

头皮 (tóu pí), noun, scalp


  1. Massage your scalp regularly.
    yào jīnɡ chánɡ àn mó tóu pí 。
  2. This will relax the scalp.
    zhè yànɡ ké yǐ fànɡ sōnɡ tóu pí 。 

By gently rubbing with fingertips or using a brush to comb the hair, you can increase blood flow to the scalp, not only promoting healthier scalp but also helping you relax and reduce stress. By doing so, your hair will naturally grow better.

Do not ignore any signals your body sends out, as hair loss may be a sign reminding us to pay attention to inner balance and health. Hopefully, every friend troubled by hair loss can, guided by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, regain a head of thick and healthy hair, and enjoy a more confident and beautiful life!

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