The Youthful Craze for Lottery: Pursuit of Hope and Pleasure

Monday, June 17, 2024

Do you take delight in purchasing lottery tickets? The possibility of obtaining vast returns with minimal investment undoubtedly exerts a tremendous allure. However, the odds of winning are often unpredictable; perhaps you have tried several times without success, or maybe you hit the jackpot on your very first attempt, this element of unknown mystery always instills a sense of anticipation within us! Traditionally, buying lottery tickets seems to be a task designated for adults, but in China, an increasing number of young people have developed an affinity for purchasing lottery tickets, even sparking a wave of "lottery fever" among them. This piece will acquaint you with this fascinating phenomenon!

Why Chinese Youth are Enthusiastic about Buying Lottery 彩票(cǎi piào) Tickets

彩票 (cǎi piào), noun, lottery


  1. Lottery results will vary.
    cǎi piào jié ɡuǒ huì yǒu suǒ bù tónɡ 。
  2. You must have won the lottery.
    nǐ yí dìnɡ shì zhōnɡ cǎi piào le bɑ 。 

Many young individuals yearn for rapid success and financial freedom, and the lottery appears to offer them a pathway to achieve their dreams. With its low cost but potential for a high return, it seems like a way towards realizing aspirations.

When faced with pressures from the workplace, academia, and various aspects of life, buying lottery tickets becomes a means for them to alleviate stress and seek solace. The excitement and anticipation brought about by lottery tickets can somewhat alleviate the monotony and heaviness of daily life. Many believe that if they win the lottery, it's cause for huge celebration, and if not, it signifies that their streak of bad luck has been offset, hence, whether winning or not, everyone ends up having a great time.

Lottery tickets, particularly instant lottery games like scratch cards, provide young people with a fresh and thrilling experience akin to "blind box openings". The pleasure derived from this sense of mystery naturally becomes one of their choices for leisure and entertainment. Haven't we all harbored various beautiful expectations for life and hoped to find something that can help us relax and nurture hope in the face of pressure? This is precisely why young people are so drawn to lottery tickets!

The Art of Buying Lottery Tickets

Lucky Numbers数字(shù zì)

数字 (shù zì), noun, number


  1. It's my lucky number.
    zhè shì wǒ de xìnɡ yùn shù zì 。
  2. I like this number.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn zhè ɡe shù zì 。

Numerous seasoned lottery players believe in the power of persistence, they continue purchasing the same set of numbers, believing it increases the chances of winning. Some individuals even choose numbers based on personal lucky digits, birthdays, or significant dates, and stick to them consistently.

For instance, in Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered the most auspicious as it phonetically resonates with the character "fa," symbolizing "prosperity," "wealth," and "career success." Therefore, many prefer combinations containing multiple 8s when selecting lottery numbers, hoping to bring about good fortune.

The number 6 is also a popular lucky digit, symbolizing "smooth sailing" and "everything going smoothly." It represents harmony and balance, thus regarded as an auspicious number.

In general, during the lottery ticket purchasing process, even numbers are more favored over odd ones, as they are often associated with harmony and balance. Especially, the number 2 signifies "pairs," symbolizing that good things come in twos.

Nevertheless, some individuals predict their lucky numbers based on their birth charts or zodiac signs and purchase the corresponding lottery tickets.

Timing Selection

Some lottery buyers have their own "lucky moments," such as purchasing lottery tickets on specific festivals, anniversaries, or days when they feel lucky, even though there isn't any scientific basis, these rituals instill great confidence in people's lottery purchases.

Gift Choices

At times, buying lottery tickets becomes part of social interaction, such as group purchases among friends or gifting them to others. Such practices enhance the entertainment and sense of involvement in lottery purchases.

Whether pursuing dreams or seeking enjoyment, buying lottery tickets has become the choice for many Chinese young individuals. They seek hope and pleasure in lottery tickets, relishing the excitement and anticipation of the unknown. The lottery has evolved into a distinctive cultural phenomenon integrated into the lives of young people. In this era brimming with changes and challenges, the lottery perhaps provides them with a means to release stress, seek hope, and infuse life with more surprises and pleasures. Do you relish purchasing lottery tickets? Let's share and exchange our lottery tales together!

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