The Rise of Chinese Style: The Perfect Fusion of Traditional Culture and Modern Fashion

Monday, June 3, 2024

It is believed that everyone takes pride in their country's history, but what if we incorporate these historical elements into our daily lives? Surely, it would be a fantastic creative endeavor! Nowadays in China, people are exploring the fusion of traditional Chinese cultural elements with modern fashion design. This innovation extends beyond the realms of clothing, shoes, accessories, to beauty products, home furnishings, electronics, and many other fields, gradually evolving into a new trend known as 'Chinese Style'. This article will introduce you to this unique new trend!

Popular Elements in Chinese Style

Traditional Patterns and Totems

Imagine the elegance of cranes, the majesty of dragons, the beauty of phoenixes, along with the mystical vermillion bird, graceful auspicious clouds, and fresh lotus flowers. These vivid patterns not only appeal visually but also carry profound and positive meanings: longevity, prosperity, good fortune. These elements align well with the contemporary aspirations pursued by people, hence garnering great affection. When these symbolically rich elements are harmonized with modern design concepts, they transform into pieces that are both fashionable and culturally infused, creating a unique style风格 (fēnɡ ɡé) known as 'Chinese Style'. For instance, the elegant lotus patterns on clothing, dancing crane designs on cups, or auspicious cloud and flying crane elements subtly integrated into bags and phone cases, inadvertently infuse everyday items with a sense of storytelling and personality.

风格 (fēnɡ ɡé), noun, style


  1. This popular style is deeply loved by people.
    zhè zhǒnɡ liú xínɡ de fēnɡ ɡé shēn shòu rén men de xǐ ài 。
  2. I like cute style.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn kě ài de fēnɡ ɡé 。 

Unique Clothing Elements

Many clothing elements are now reinterpreted and blended into modern attire, creating a 'New Chinese Style' that exudes classical charm without compromising on fashion sense. The horse-face skirt is a great example that cleverly infuses the beauty of traditional Chinese attire with contemporary trends. While drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese garments, such as incorporating some features of Ming and Qing dynasty 'ma gua', it differs from the precise historical definition of the Hanfu horse-face skirt. Designers employ creative magic to metamorphose these ancient elements into new-style skirts that are both fashionable and practical, perfectly meeting the aesthetic and dressing needs of modern people.

In terms of design, it might incorporate traditional Chinese patterns like floral designs, auspicious beasts, or medicinal herbs, using exquisite embroidery, unique tailoring, printing techniques, to adorn the skirt with these culturally rich elements. This not only showcases the profoundness of Chinese culture but also influences contemporary understanding of fashion 时尚(shí shànɡ)—where fashion is not just about following trends but also about reinterpreting classic culture.

时尚 (shí shànɡ), noun, fashion


  1. This could set a new fashion.
    zhè huò xǔ huì kāi chuànɡ yì zhǒnɡ xīn shí shànɡ ne 。
  2. Fashion is constantly changing.
    shí shànɡ zǒnɡ shì rì xīn yuè yì 。 

Cultural Confidence in Chinese Style

As Chinese Style brands shine brighter on the global stage, young people witnessing the global recognition of Chinese elements not only realize the global value of their local culture but also are inspired to communicate and spread Chinese culture with an open and confident attitude, thereby building bridges of understanding and respect between different cultures.

Chinese Style encourages innovative thinking and personalized expression. People engaging in Chinese Style culture are not just consumers but creators. When individuals wear or use Chinese Style products, their choices are not merely acts of consumption but also a form of self-expression—displaying their cultural confidence and individuality."

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