The Last Solar Term in Autumn: shuānɡ jiànɡ (霜降)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Frost's Descent is the last solar term of autumn, during which time the weather becomes much colder than before and frost begins to appear. We often use one word to describe the weather during this solar term: 秋高气爽(qiū ɡāo qì shuǎnɡ )=a crisp and refreshing autumn day.

qiū ɡāo qì shuǎnɡ , wǒ men ké yǐ qù pá shān 
秋  高  气 爽     , 我 们  可 以 去 爬 山   。 
We can go hiking on a crisp fall day.

qiū ɡāo qì shuǎnɡ , shì hù wài huó dònɡ de hǎo shí jī 。 
秋  高  气 爽     , 是  户 外  活  动   的 好  时  机 。
The air is crisp, it's a good time to walk outdoors. 

yánɡ ɡuānɡ càn làn , qiū ɡāo qì shuǎnɡ , běi jīnɡ de qiū tiān shì zuì měi de jì jié 。 
阳   光    灿  烂  , 秋  高  气 爽     , 北  京   的 秋  天   是  最  美  的 季 节  。 
The sun is shining and the air is crisp. Autumn in Beijing is the most beautiful season.

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