The Enchantment of Blind Boxes: Unlocking the Secrets of Surprises in Travel and Stationery

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Do you delight in the joy of opening blind boxes? In simple terms, a blind box is an opaque small box filled with surprises, which may contain toys, figurines, collectibles, and various treasures. The most enticing aspect is that before opening it, you have no idea what's inside, and it is precisely this mystery and unpredictability that make blind boxes particularly captivating. In China, the blind box trend has evolved beyond traditional toys and figurines, becoming increasingly creative and personalized. For example, recently popular 'travel blind boxes' and 'stationery blind boxes', and even 'leftover food blind boxes', bring surprises to people's lives in unique ways. This article aims to take you deep into the fascinating world of these interesting blind box phenomena!

Travel Blind Boxes

Do you fancy an impromptu trip旅行(lǚ xínɡ)? Train ticket blind boxes and airplane ticket blind boxes offer you this opportunity. For just eighteen yuan, you can embark on a journey for two, or for just a few hundred yuan, you might secure a random round-trip ticket. Before opening the blind box, you have no idea where you will go, and this uncertainty is the most thrilling part. Faced with numerous travel destinations, people often find it difficult to choose, so why not adopt a more spontaneous attitude towards travel! Exploring places you may have never considered before is a different kind of joy. Moreover, many travel blind boxes are sold at a more affordable price, which is highly appealing to users with limited budgets who wish to experience novel travel adventures.

旅行 (lǚ xínɡ), noun, trip


  1. I like casual trip.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn suí xìnɡ de lǚ xínɡ 。
  2. Your trip must have been fun!
    nǐ zhè cì lǚ xínɡ yí dìnɡ hěn kāi xīn bɑ ! 

Stationery Blind Boxes盒子(hé zi)

In China, stationery blind boxes have become a popular shopping trend among those who love stationery, especially students and stationery collectors. Merchants seal various stationery items such as pens, notebooks, stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, and small decorations in an opaque box.

盒子 (hé zi), noun, box


  1. I love this kind of box.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn zhè zhǒnɡ hé zi 。
  2. This box is unique.
    zhè ɡe hé zi hěn dú tè 。 

Each mysterious box may contain uniquely designed stationery, rare limited editions, or special styles that are not commonly seen. Additionally, many stationery blind boxes are themed around specific topics such as anime characters, seasonal editions, retro styles, etc. Each item of stationery is carefully selected and matched, catering to everyone's enjoyment of discovering new and collecting cherished items.

These stationery items are not just practical tools for daily life; they also ignite users' creative sparks and passion for learning. For friends who love bullet journaling, note organization, and artistic creation, each unique stationery item serves as a source of inspiration, making their work more vibrant and diverse.

Leftover Food Blind Boxes

"Leftover food blind boxes", in simple terms, involve restaurants packaging unsold but still fresh and delicious meals into mysterious "blind boxes" and offering them to customers at discounted prices through special platforms. This approach not only reduces food waste but also allows customers to enjoy sumptuous meals at low prices. The blind boxes may contain various foods, ranging from simple fast food, fresh bread, tasty pastries to delicious beverages, with the element of surprise determining what you will eat today.

This selling method is particularly beloved because it follows the trend, is wallet-friendly, and resonates with the consumption habits of contemporary young people in China. By spending a small amount of money, one can savor great flavors economically. Moreover, this novel and interesting approach meets the trend of seeking freshness and personalization, providing people not only with surprises to taste but also with a unique shopping experience.

In this world of boundless possibilities within blind boxes, everyone can find their own little dose of happiness. The blind box culture transcends the traditional form of trading commodities; it not only sells individual items but also triggers the excitement of opening the unknown and endless joys of exploration. The beauty of life often lies within those unexpected surprises. Hence, the next time you hesitate to open a blind box, why not give it a try! After all, it is these seemingly insignificant 'little adventures' that build our colorful life memories."

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