Small ways to alleviate the "Monday blues"

Monday, June 10, 2024

After a restful weekend, do you often feel a tinge of anxiety or a less-than-ideal mood when faced with the impending Monday? Fear not, as this feeling is quite common! In China, many people experience similar sentiments on Mondays, a phenomenon known as the "Monday blues". If you find yourself not quite adapting well to Mondays, rest assured that this article will be of help to you!

What causes this state of affairs?

Changes in Your Daily Routine

During the weekend, many people relax their daily routines, perhaps sleeping in or staying up late to enjoy personal time. As a result, your body clock may not align with the waking time on workdays. Therefore, on Monday morning, when you have to wake up early to prepare for work or school, your body and mind may not have fully adjusted yet. This may lead you to feel particularly tired, or even a bit foggy. Your body is still striving to readjust to the weekday routine.

Psychological Expectations and Pressure

The weekend acts as a pause button in our busy lives, providing a wonderful time for rest and rejuvenation. However, when Monday comes around, it feels like hitting the fast-forward button, signaling the start of another busy week. Seeing the pile of tasks on your desk and thinking about the goals you have set for yourself, many people begin to worry about whether they can handle everything smoothly in the upcoming week. This concern about the workload for the week ahead can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed, triggering anxious焦虑的(jiāo lǜ de) emotions and a natural decline in mood.

焦虑的 (jiāo lǜ de), adjective, anxious


  1. This is to indicate anxiety.
    zhè shì jiāo lǜ de biǎo xiàn 。
  2. He showed an anxious expression.
    tā biǎo xiàn chū jiāo lǜ de shén qínɡ 。 

How to Alleviate This?

Prepare准备(zhǔn bèi) in Advance

准备 (zhǔn bèi), verb, prepare


  1. I have to prepare for the exam.
    wǒ yào wéi kǎo shì zuò zhǔn bèi 。
  2. Did you prepare the breakfast?
    nǐ zhǔn bèi zǎo cān le mɑ ? 

Many anxieties stem from not being fully prepared for the work or study ahead in the coming week. Therefore, try to spend some time planning out the tasks for the next week as the weekend draws to a close. By doing so, when Monday arrives, you will have a sense of direction and won't feel as nervous.

Maintain a Regular Routine

Try to align your weekend sleep and wake-up times with those on workdays. This way, your body clock won't be disrupted, and waking up on Monday morning won't be as challenging.

Engage in Relaxing Activities for Transition

On Sunday evening, engage in activities that help you unwind, such as reading a book or meditating. This gradual shift in mindset from a relaxed weekend state to a work mindset will make Monday feel less abrupt.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle, Full of Vitality

Focus on a balanced diet, consuming more fruits and vegetables while limiting greasy foods. Remember to engage in physical activity, even if it's just a leisurely walk. This way, your body and mind will be better equipped to handle the challenges of Monday.

By employing these small methods, you'll discover that the "Monday blues" aren't as daunting as they may seem and can actually kickstart a vibrant new week for you!

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