One of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms in China: Health and Wellness During the Grain Rain Season

Friday, May 3, 2024

The 24 solar terms have derived from Chinese agricultural civilization, profoundly impacting every individual. People always live in the alternation of seasons, thus having an inseparable connection with the 24 solar terms. Grain Rain, the seventh solar term, marks the final term of spring. It is characterized by continuous spring rain, significantly increasing precipitation during this period, providing great moisture for the new crops and conducive to the growth of cereal crops. Therefore, the name "Grain Rain" originates from the meaning of "rain bearing a multitude of things."The arrival of the Grain Rain term also signals the basic end of cold air, with the temperature rising rapidly. Therefore, it is very necessary to focus on health maintenance during this period. Let us understand how to take care and improve health during the Grain Rain term and cultivate a healthy physique together!

Dietary Adjustment During Grain Rain

In the Grain Rain period, the temperature rises and spring showers are frequent. It is advisable to consume a light diet 饮食(yǐn shí) and indulge in fruits and vegetables, which not only helps the body regain energy and promote metabolism but also aids in detoxifying and beautifying the skin. Due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening during the Grain Rain, consuming porridge frequently to keep warm is recommended. Typically, porridge made from millet, oats, and coix seed, with added greens and tofu, is both light and tasty, aiding in digestion and detoxification. Consumption of fresh spring vegetables like Chinese toon and Chinese chives also contributes to the growth of Yang Qi. Since the weather is often rainy during this period, dampness in our bodies may increase, leading to weakened spleen and stomach, causing indigestion. Therefore, overeating should be avoided, and chewing thoroughly and avoiding raw or cold foods and late-night snacks is essential. It is important to drink more water during this period, as the rise in temperature during the Grain Rain term accelerates the body's water consumption. Thus, drinking more plain water, tea, and maintaining water balance. This also illustrates the high level of unity between humans and nature. Natural changes can cause changes in our bodies. Therefore, during the Grain Rain term, we must also regulate our diet through nature to maintain our health, which is the correct way of health maintenance.

饮食 (yǐn shí),  noun,  diet


  1. I prefer a light diet.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn qīnɡ dàn de yǐn shí 。
  2. This diet is very healthy.
    zhè zhǒnɡ yǐn shí hěn jiàn kānɡ 。

Developing Good Lifestyle Habits During Grain Rain

As everything revives during the Grain Rain period, the body's Yang Qi gradually strengthens, making it suitable for appropriate exercises such as walking, yoga, and tai chi, which can relieve tension, invigorate the blood and prevent excessive sweating. However, the excessive Qi activity in the liver may lead to emotional fluctuations. Hence, relaxation practices such as meditation冥想(mínɡ xiǎnɡ) and listening to music can help to relax the body and mind. Engaging in activities such as spring outings and flower appreciations can also ensure a joyful mood. Due to the significant temperature difference, it is important to follow the principle of "protecting from the cold in spring" when dressing, particularly for the elderly and children, ensuring timely addition of clothing to avoid being affected by cold air. During this period, spring tea is also favored by people, as it is harvested and processed during the Grain Rain period, known as "Grain Rain Tea". Teas like chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, and goji berry tea not only have a unique aroma, bright color, but also fresh taste. They benefit the body greatly, promoting meridian circulation, preventing certain diseases, and enhancing the body's immunity, achieving the effect of health care.

冥想 (mínɡ xiǎnɡ),  noun,  meditation


  1. You interrupted my meditation.
    nǐ dǎ duàn le wǒ de mínɡ xiǎnɡ 。
  2. I like meditation.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn mínɡ xiǎnɡ 。

Adjusting Life Rhythm During The Grain Rain Term

The Grain Rain period is a favorable time for the vigorous growth of all beings in nature, which is very conducive to adjusting one's mood and relieving stress. We can frequently go out with friends to appreciate the unique sceneries during the Grain Rain period, such as participating in cherry blossom festivals, peony cultural festivals, etc., experiencing the vitality and hope of life. Faced with the possible phenomenon of spring sleepiness, it is important to arrange work and rest reasonably to avoid excessive fatigue. In the fast-paced life, we must also learn to slow down and spare enough leisure time to enjoy the present and savor the beauty of life.

Two Interesting Proverbs About The Grain Rain Solar Term:

  • 谷雨前后,种瓜点豆 (ɡú yǔ qián hòu,zhǒnɡ ɡuā diǎn dòu)
    This is an agricultural-related proverb, indicating that the period before and after the Grain Rain is suitable for planting melons and sowing beans.
  • 谷雨已至,物华天宝 (ɡú yǔ yǐ zhì ,wù huá tiān bǎo)
    This phrase signifies that the arrival of Grain Rain marks the deepening of spring, when all things on earth are full of vitality, and various valuable natural resources begin to yield, bringing endless wealth and prosperity to people.

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