One of the 24 Solar Terms in China: Prevention of Summer Heat in Lixia

Friday, May 3, 2024

The solar term of Lixia marks the beginning of summer, serving as the initial solar term of the season. In ancient language, "xia" means "great," signifying that all things have grown to their full potential by this time. Hence, this solar term is named "Lixia", representing the official commencement of summer. Following Lixia, the climate gradually becomes hot, and the body's yang energy starts to flourish, which may lead to discomfort. Therefore, it is crucial to take preventive measures against the heat during Lixia. This article will introduce how to adjust the body and prevent heatstroke during Lixia.

Dietary Choices During Lixia:

According to traditional Chinese medicine, summer is the season to nourish the heart, as the heart is most vulnerable during this time. Heat can cause irritability and damage to the emotions and blood, so dietary choices should be mindful.

Consume more vegetables, such as tomatoes, green peppers, and winter melon. Cooking 烹饪 (pēnɡ rèn) methods like boiling, stewing, or stir-frying can not only replenish essential elements in the body but also ensure comfort for the stomach.

Drink lotus seed porridge. Although lotus seeds are bitter, they are excellent traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients that can clear inner heat and benefit the digestive system, serving as an excellent nourishment for the heart and spirit.

Prefer light meals, such as congee for breakfast and dinner. Soups made with vegetables like tomatoes and greens can promptly replenish fluids and nourish the body.

烹饪 (pēnɡ rèn),  noun, cooking


  1. I like cooking.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn pēnɡ rèn 。
  2.  I find cooking very relaxing.
    wǒ fā xiàn pēnɡ rèn fēi chánɡ lìnɡ rén fànɡ sōnɡ 。

 Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle During Lixia

Midday Nap 午睡 (wǔ shuì): During this season, people often feel drowsy around noon due to the rising temperatures and reduced blood supply to the brain after meals, leading to lethargy. It is advisable to take a short nap for about half an hour or simply rest with closed eyes to relieve eye fatigue.

Avoid Excessive Exercise: Following Lixia, the yang energy in nature gradually strengthens, while the yin energy weakens, resulting in a rise in temperature and accelerated metabolism within the body. Therefore, it is essential to avoid excessive physical activities and opt for leisurely exercises such as walking, jogging, or Tai Chi to maintain the balance of yin and yang within the body. After exercising, it is important to avoid consuming cold drinks to prevent damaging the spleen and stomach yang energy.Maintain a regular sleeping schedule: Cultivating the habit of early bedtime and early rising is crucial. However, following Lixia, due to longer daylight hours and shorter nights, people can adjust their bedtime slightly later than in spring, but it should not exceed 11 pm to adapt to the insufficient yin energy and maintain the balance of yin and yang. Rising early in the morning helps to accommodate the abundance of yang energy.

午睡 (wǔ shuì), noun, nap


  1. You should take a nap.
    nǐ yīnɡ ɡāi qù wǔ shuì 。
  2. I'll take a nap later.
    wǒ yí huì yào wǔ shuì 。

 Mental Well-being During Lixia:

Nurturing the heart is central during Lixia. According to traditional Chinese medicine, during the seasonal transition from spring to summer, one's qi and blood correspond with the natural world, with the liver qi being easily exuberant and the heart fire tending to be excessive. When feeling irritable, apart from drinking calming herbal teas, taking a moment for solitude, closing the eyes, and relaxing the meridians to regulate emotions is beneficial. Moreover, avoiding a rushed approach to tasks can reduce irritability. Slowing down the pace of life, regular meditation, and relaxation practices facilitate developing a calm disposition, which is advantageous in adapting to the scorching weather post Lixia.

Two Interesting Proverbs About The Beginning of Summer Solar Term:

  • 立夏见夏, 立秋见秋 (lì xià jiàn xià, lì qiū jiàn qiū)
    The solar term of Lixia brings the sights of summer, while the solar term of Liqiu showcases the scenes of autumn. This signifies that each solar term has its distinctive seasonal characteristics.
  • 立夏不热, 五谷不结 (lì xià bú rè, wú ɡǔ bù jié)
    The agricultural proverb conveys that if the weather is not sufficiently warm on the day of Lixia, the crops may yield less due to insufficient accumulated heat for that year.

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