Milestones of Love: Exploring the Romantic Celebrations of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Anniversaries in China

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

A blissful marriage is the result of deepened and strengthened love. For individuals, stepping into the institution of marriage signifies a mutual willingness to share a life and face the future together. Thus, each year's wedding anniversary holds significant value for both partners. It not only marks the passage of time but also serves as a testament to the love and commitment between the couple. Across many cultures, different wedding anniversaries are celebrated with special names. In China, the distinction lies in the celebrations of the golden, silver, and bronze anniversaries, marking the most splendid milestones in marriage. This article aims to introduce the romance behind the golden, silver, and bronze anniversaries in China and how contemporary couples celebrate these significant occasions.

Bronze Anniversary

In Chinese culture, the bronze anniversary commemorates seven years of shared companionship between the couple 夫妻(fū qī). Its name originates from the metal itself. Unlike the initial years that symbolize paper, fabric, and leather – highly vulnerable materials, and in contrast to iron’s sternness, bronze embodies a certain resilience and corrosion resistance. It mirrors the state of marriage after the so-called seven-year itch, where the relationship becomes even more robust and stable following the initial fluctuations and tests.

夫妻 (fū qī), noun, couple


  1. The couple met at a party
    zhè duì fū qī xiānɡ shí yú yí ɡè pài duì 。
  2. The couple are very loving.
    zhè duì fū qī hěn ēn ài 。 

Silver Anniversary

The silver anniversary symbolizes the celebration of 25 years of marriage 婚姻 (hūn yīn), signifying a momentous occasion in the marital journey. This concept aligns with the internationally recognized definition of a silver anniversary, representing the ability of a marriage to withstand a quarter of a century’s challenges and trials, much like silver which, despite the passage of time, retains its preciousness and luster,reflecting the stability and purity of the marital bond.

婚姻 (hūn yīn), noun, marriage


  1. Marriage requires trust.
    hūn yīn xū yào xìn rèn 。
  2. I have an excellent marriage.
    wǒ de hūn yīn hěn xìnɡ fú。

Golden Anniversary

The golden anniversary signifies the grand occasion of 50 years of marriage, indicating the enduring commitment of the couple through half a century of obstacles, resembling the enduring preciousness and longevity of gold. Throughout history, gold has symbolized both wealth and eternity, and the golden anniversary represents enduring love that has withstood the test of fifty years, reaching a state of rarity and preciousness.

How Contemporary Couples Commemorate Wedding Anniversaries

Recreating Wedding Photos

Many couples choose to recreate their wedding photos during special moments like the golden or silver anniversaries, as a way to commemorate their enduring love and the time they've spent together. This not only rekindles memories of youth but also reaffirms the profound emotional connection between partners.

Family Gatherings

Chinese couples often commemorate special occasions by hosting banquets. On their wedding anniversary, many couples gather with close friends and family to share meals, reminisce on the years spent together, and receive gifts from friends, expressing blessings for their marital happiness.

Travel Memories

 On this day, couples may also visit a romantic destination they both longed to explore. Travel not only allows partners to enjoy the tranquility and sweetness of their time together but also pays tribute to the beautiful moments of the past and anticipates the future.

The golden, silver, and bronze anniversaries are not merely markers of time in the journey of marriage. They encapsulate profound emotions between partners and the unwavering devotion to each other. In the ways these special milestones are celebrated, whether through the romance of recreating wedding photos, the heartwarming gatherings, or the meaningful travel commemorations, they demonstrate the distinctive romantic nature of the people in China and their respect and cherish for marital values. Each celebration is a unique narration of a love story, reminding us that in an ever-changing world, true companionship and understanding are the most precious treasures in a marriage.

Two Idioms about Love

  • 海誓山盟 (hǎi shì shān ménɡ) 
    It signifies the vows exchanged by a couple in love, with the promise that their love will remain as eternal and unchanging as the mountains and the sea.
  • 至死不渝 (zhì sǐ bù yú)
    It refers to a steadfast and profound emotion, expressing that love remains unwavering and steadfast, regardless of the hardships or adversities encountered.

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