Mid-Autumn Festival

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, Moon Birthday, Moon Eve, Autumn Festival, Moon Worship Festival, Moon Mother's Day, Moon Festival and Reunion Festival, is a traditional festival among Chinese people. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the worship of the moon on autumn Eve in ancient times. Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has folk customs such as sacrificing the moon, appreciating the moon, eating moon cakes, playing lanterns, appreciating osmanthus, drinking osmanthus wine and so on.

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated in ancient times, popularized in the Han Dynasty, shaped in the early Tang Dynasty and prevailed after the Song Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a synthesis of autumn seasonal customs. Most of the festival customs factors contained in it have ancient origins. The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes people's reunion with the full moon. In order to place the feeling of missing hometown and relatives, and pray for harvest and happiness, it has become a rich, colorful, and precious cultural heritage.

The customs of Mid-Autumn Festival mainly include:

jì yuè

祭 月  moom worship

Moon worship, 祭月, ji yue

chī yuè bǐnɡ

吃  月  饼  eat mooncakes

eat mooncake, 吃月饼, chi yue bing

shǎnɡ yuè

赏    月  admire the moon

admire the moon, 赏月, shang yue

yǐn ɡuì huā jiǔ

饮  桂  花  酒   Drink osmanthus wine

Drink osmanthus wine, 饮桂花酒, yin gui hua jiu

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