Let’s Guess Chinese Riddles About Plants (Part 2)

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Welcome back to another exciting installment of "Let's guess Chinese riddles about plants"! Today, we're delving into another intriguing botanical enigma. Are you ready to put your puzzling skills to the test? Let's unravel the mystery behind the riddle:

  1. Red pockets, green pockets, 
    Hóng kǒudài, lǜ kǒudài,
  2. feared by some, loved by others.
    yǒurén hàipà yǒurén ài.

What am I?

Let's dissect it:

  • "红口袋,绿口袋" (hónɡ kǒu dài, lǜ kǒu dài): This line paints a vivid picture of the appearance of the plant, describing its characteristic red and green colors. These "pockets" refer to the shape of the chili pepper, which resembles small pouches or pockets when attached to the plant.
  • "有人害怕有人爱" (yǒu rén hài pà yǒu rén ài): This is the essence of the riddle. It highlights the polarizing nature of chili peppers—some people are afraid of their fiery heat, while others adore the spicy sensation they bring to dishes. This line underscores the chili pepper's unique ability to evoke strong reactions from different individuals.

"辣椒" (Chili Pepper): And there you have it—the answer to the riddle! The plant in question is the chili pepper, renowned for its vibrant colors and fiery flavor profile.

Key Sentences:

  1. Chili peppers come in red and green.
    Làjiāo yǒu hóngsèhélǜsède.
  2. Some people like to eat chili peppers.
    Yǒuxiērén xǐhuān chīlàjiāo.
  3. I don't like chili peppers.
    Wǒbùxǐhuān làjiāo.

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