chī cù

Thursday, January 12, 2023

jealous, 吃醋, chi cu

Jealous is a Chinese word, Pinyin is chī cù. It mostly refers to the relationship between men and women.

Jealousy is a synonym and metaphor for jealousy. It is said that this allusion came from the palace court of the Tang Dynasty. In order to win over the people, Taizong of the Tang Dynasty wanted to take a concubine for Fang Xuanling, the Prime Minister of the current Dynasty. Out of jealousy, the minister's wife refused to let him. Taizong had no choice but to order the minister's wife to choose between drinking poisonous wine and taking concubines. They didn't expect that Mrs. Fang was indeed a bit andrew. She would rather die than bow her head in front of the emperor. So he picked up the cup of "poisonous wine" and drank it. When Mrs. Fang finished her tearful drink, she found that the cup was not poisonous wine, but strong vinegar with sweet and sour flavor. Since then, "chī cù" and "jealousy" have been integrated, and "chī cù" has become a metaphor of jealousy.

Being jealous is a normal psychological reaction and a different expression of love and care. Subconsciously, it is a kind of protection for emotional exclusivity and fear of loss. In love or marriage, if two people turn a blind eye to each other and don't chī cù,  love will be insipid. If you chī cù once in a while, you may be able to "eat" a broad world for the mediocre and trivial life, but if you are too jealous, it will be too much of a good thing. In emotion, jealousy is a common psychological feeling. Even if they love each other deeply, they will make one of them jealous because of an event. Rational jealousy will not lead people to take extreme measures. It will only let you deal with emotional problems with love, that is, make up for your love and firmly tie each other with more perfect love.

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