Ice Sculpture

Thursday, January 12, 2023

In the northern part of China, in winter, temperature is around 0 to -10. In the far north place, it can go down to -40. People need to wear a lot of clothes in Winter. Some parts of China have ice sculpture shows every year. For example, in Harbin, ice sculpture shows last for about 2 months, from January to February. People in Harbin use the frozen water from the river nearby to build up the ice wonderland.

Ice sculpture is an art form of carving with ice as the main material. Like sculptures made of other materials, there are three kinds of ice sculptures: circular sculptures, reliefs, and open-work sculptures.

Ice sculpture, as the name implies, is to carve out all kinds of things on ice, such as: animals, household items, etc. As early as in the northeast of China, due to the cold weather, land is all covered with ice and snow. At that time, people had carved simple shapes out of ice formed by the river. So the earliest ice sculpture should originate in China. With the development of ice carving industry, more and more brands enter the Chinese market.

In Harbin, China, there is an ice sculpture festival every year, attracting many tourists. You must go to see the ice sculptures at night, because the ice sculpture with the lighting is absolutely beautiful. It was like entering a fairy tale.

ice sculpture, 冰雕, bing diao
Chinese workers give finishing touches to a giant sculpture of a church made of snow in a park in Harbin. This, of course, is the efforts of the ice sculpture master. It is said that there is an ice sculpture enthusiast who used 6 tons of ice to make an ice truck. This truck is more than just a showpiece. It works.

ice truck, 冰雕卡车, bing diao ka che
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