How to Use Chopsticks

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Chopsticks have been around for 3,000 years. They are made from common wood. Children learn how to use chopsticks from an early age and use a ‘holder’ on the end to help them train how to use it (like training wheels on a bike). Do you know how to use Chopsticks? Let’s learn together today.

1.      First, place the first (lower) chopstick in the base of the thumb and index finger and rest its lower end below on the ring finger. This chopstick remains fixed.

the first step, 第一步, di yi bu

2.      Hold the other (upper) chopstick between the tips of the index and middle finger, steady its upper half against the base of the index finger, and use the tip of the thumb to keep it in place.

the second step. 第二步, di er bu

3.      To pick up food, move the upper chopstick with the index and middle finger. Keep in mind that the two lower ends of the chopsticks must be even.

the third step, 第三步, di san bu

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