Fortunate Births: An Exploration of Auspicious Birthdays in Chinese Culture

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

When is your birthday? Perhaps your birthday falls on a day symbolizing luck! In Chinese culture, some special birthdays are considered auspicious days that bring good fortune. Let's see if your birthday is mentioned!

Lunar August 15th

This day also marks the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. If someone is born on this day, it is believed that they will have a happy family, get along well with others, and have prosperous work and finances. As the Mid-Autumn Festival signifies not only a full moon and family reunions but also harmony among households and a bountiful harvest. Therefore, being born on this special day is like receiving a prelude to happiness and abundance!

Lunar New Year's Day, 1st Day of the 1st Lunar Month

This day represents a new beginning for the new year, symbolizing hope. Children born on this day seem to hold the golden key to a fresh start, with many opportunities in life, leading to happiness and success.

1st day of the 7th Lunar Month

Legend has it that this is the day when humans were born, symbolizing intelligence and talent. Children born on this day may traditionally possess special cleverness and artistic talents, being versatile and likely to achieve great things in life.

Chinese New Year's Eve, Lunar December 30th

This is not only the last day of the year but also a beginning, symbolizing bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. People born on this day are said to excel in overcoming challenges, possessing strong leadership skills, likely to experience many changes in life but ultimately embrace success and happiness.

11th and 23rd of each Lunar 阴历(yīn lì) Month

According to old beliefs, these two days are associated with abundant blessings from the stars. Children born on these days are likely to come from good families or possess great talents themselves, possibly achieving both fame and fortune in the future.

阴历 (yīn lì), noun, lunar


  1. The Spring Festival is the first day of the first month in the lunar year.
    chūn jié shì yīn lì zhēnɡ yuè chū yī 。
  2. The Spring Festival is based on the lunar calendar。
    chūn jié shì yǐ nónɡ lì wéi jī chǔ de 。 

3rd and 4th of the 1st Lunar Month

Children born on the 3rd and 4th of the 1st lunar month, like little suns, have a bright and cheerful disposition. A suitable saying for them is, "Good deeds bring good rewards." This implies that they often carry kindness in their hearts, wear smiles on their faces, and seem to have good luck always accompanying them. With age, their blessings only grow stronger!

Of course, whether your birthday生日(shēnɡ rì) falls on one of these "lucky days" mentioned above or not, remember, every person's life is a unique miracle, and every day has the potential to be your lucky day!

生日 (shēnɡ rì), noun, birthday


  1. My birthday is coming up soon.
    wǒ de shēnɡ rì jí jiānɡ lái lín 。
  2. Today is her tenth birthday.
    jīn tiān shì tā de shí suì shēnɡ rì 。 

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