Dining Etiquette

Thursday, January 12, 2023

table manners, 餐桌礼仪, can zhuo li yi

Proper dining etiquette is essential for making a favorable impression in social business situations. Different cultures observe different rules for table manners. The Chinese people are very particular about table manners. Today we will learn some tips about it.

1. Arrive on time and call ahead if you know you will be late.
2. Before your meal, the napkin should be folded flat and put on top of your thigh.
3. Most Chinese dining tables are revolving tables, please ask the other person to take food first.
4. Taste your food before seasoning it.
5. Don't eat too fast, should cooperate with the hostess or guest of honor.
6. Chew with your mouth closed and do not talk with food in your mouth.
7. The host should invite guests to enjoy themselves and get food for the guests with chopsticks to show their hospitality.
8. Don't stand up and stretch your chopsticks to get food.
9. Some restaurants have waiters and waitresses who serve dishes to guests. If not, please use serving utensils.
10. Since ancient times, Chinese people have considered it unlucky to turn over a fish. If the fish has been eaten on one side, the bones should be removed to eat the other side.
11. When you are finished, leave your plates in the same position, do not push your plates aside or stack them.
12. Always remember to thank your host.

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