Diluted and Concentrated Life: Exploring the New Identities of Chinese Youth

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Have you heard of "diluted individuals" and "concentrated individuals"? Recently, these two new terms have become particularly popular among the youth in China, as they eagerly use these words to describe their personalities and jokingly refer to them as their "new identities." In essence, "diluted individuals" approach all people and things in life with a calm and unconcerned attitude, while the characteristics of "concentrated individuals" are the opposite. This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to this prevalent terminology!

What is a "diluted individual"?

The mindset of a "diluted individual" is like the surface of a tranquil lake, even when a stone is thrown in (metaphorically representing challenges or changes in life), only a few gentle ripples appear and quickly restore the tranquility. They do not get overly excited about trivial matters or wear a worried expression due to difficulties.

"Diluted individuals" enjoy simple and quiet 安静的 (ān jìnɡ de) days. During gatherings with friends, they may not be the most dazzling joke-teller, but they always smile while listening, occasionally saying, "It's fine," or "No problem," making others feel comfortable and at ease. They are not so concerned about branded handbags or social status; instead, they value living comfortably and whether their soul truly finds rest.

安静的 (ān jìnɡ de), adjective, quiet


  1. I like quiet time.
    wǒ xǐ huɑn ān jìnɡ de shí ɡuānɡ 。
  2. She was a quiet girl.
    tā shì ɡè ān jìnɡ de nǚ hái 。

You seldom see them lose their temper or experience drastic mood swings because they understand how to control their emotions, not allowing external chaos to disturb their inner peace. This does not mean that they lack dreams or enthusiasm for life; quite the contrary, they often learn to focus on and cherish things that are genuinely important to them after experiencing many events.

Throughout Chinese history, many poets and scholars enjoyed distancing themselves from fame and fortune, reveling in leisurely days amid nature's landscapes. Their works are filled with sentiments towards a simple life and yearning for spiritual freedom. The "diluted individual" culture today can be seen as a modern version of this ancient literati's noble sentiments, emphasizing a rich inner world far outweighing the accumulation of external wealth.

In summary, "diluted individuals" are not just a popular trend; they represent a vibrant manifestation of traditional Chinese wisdom in modern society, reflecting the younger generation's tribute to and practice of ancient wisdom amidst the chaotic fast-paced life.

What is a "concentrated individual"?

"Concentrated individuals" are always full of vitality 活力 (huó lì), with rich emotions vividly expressed. Whether experiencing joy, sadness, or passion, they exhibit these feelings in all their fullness, akin to a summer thunderstorm - swift to come and go, yet always leaving a profound impression on those around them.

活力 (huó lì), noun, vitality


  1. He seems to be endued with endless vitality.
    tā fǎnɡ fú bèi fù yǔ liǎo wú xiàn de huó lì 。
  2. The children are full of vitality.
    zhè qún xiǎo hái chōnɡ mǎn le huó lì 。

In social settings, "concentrated individuals" are often the ones who quickly capture everyone's attention. They tell stories with liveliness and sparkle, their expressions animated, turning an ordinary incident into a lively tale that either brings laughter or deeply touches the listeners.

They love life, enjoy trying new things, and approach fashion, art, or novel experiences with curiosity and enthusiasm. When pursuing goals, concentrated individuals often demonstrate strong determination and initiative, unafraid of challenges, and brave in expressing their opinions and feelings. Sometimes, this directness may put pressure on those around them, but it is this candid and sincere nature that often fills their relationships with colors. Despite occasional conflicts, they establish deep friendships and emotional connections through such authenticity.

Are you a "concentrated individual" or a "diluted individual"? In fact, both the distinctly spirited and vibrant "concentrated individuals," as well as the refined and pursuit of simplicity "diluted individuals," can draw invaluable life wisdom from each other. For instance, "concentrated individuals" can learn from "diluted individuals" how to find inner peace and introspection amidst the complexity of life, appreciate the art of slowing down and savoring serenity. Conversely, "diluted individuals" can be infected by the passion of "concentrated individuals" for throwing themselves into life, facing challenges and responsibilities with enthusiasm, learning to actively embrace life's colors and possibilities. Such mutual learning enriches each person's life, making it more diverse and interesting!"

Interesting Verbal Mantras

"Diluted individuals" verbal mantras:  "It's all good," "You decide," "It's fine," "Let the past be the past," "No problem"

"Concentrated individuals" (expressive individuals) verbal mantras: "That's amazing!" "Thank you!" "I'm so sad!" "It's nothing, don't worry!" "Oh my goodness!"

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