Chinese Name Knowledge for you,什么是姓名 xing ming?

Thursday, January 12, 2023

姓名(xing ming)is Name in English, person's last name and first name. Chinese name is a specific name symbol given to each person by human beings to distinguish individuals. It is a sign to distinguish the individual differences of people through language and text information. With a name, human beings can communicate normally and orderly. Therefore, everyone has his own name.

Chinese name

Names don't appear until after language comes into being. All ethnic groups have many habits of determining people's names. This habit is restricted by many cultural factors such as history, society and nationality. A person's name usually has a certain meaning.

Chinese name is consisted with family name and second name. xing is the family name, ming is the second name. the family is followed by her father or mother’s family name. the family name is different that is written at first compared with English name.


《百家姓》"Surnames" is a book about Chinese surnames. According to documentary records, it was written in the early Northern Song Dynasty. 411 surnames were originally collected, and then added to 504, including 444 single surnames and 60 compound surnames.

《百家姓》"Surnames" adopts a four-character style, arranges the surnames, and rhymes every sentence. Although its content has no art and science, it has played a great role in the inheritance of Chinese surname culture and the understanding of Chinese characters, which is also an important factor that can be spread for thousands of years.

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Short answer: Mandarin.

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