Chinese children's game: Hacky Sack-tī jiàn zi

Monday, April 22, 2024

In the bustling streets of cities, there are always hidden gems of unique fun and surprises. Among these is the ancient and vibrant activity known as hacky sack, a street game originating from traditional Chinese culture. Today, let's delve into this entertaining and energetic urban pursuit.

What is Hacky Sack

Hacky sack is a traditional street game typically played by a small group of friends or strangers. The objective of the game is simple: kick a small wooden block (known as the "sack") with your foot 脚 ( jiǎo), causing it to bounce off the ground, and then swiftly catch it with the same foot. While the rules are straightforward, hacky sack requires skill and coordination, presenting a challenge to players' physical agility and reflexes.

脚 ( jiǎo), noun, foot


  1. I hurt my foot while playing soccer.
    wǒ tī zúqiú shí shāng dào le jiǎo.
  2. She measured the room with her foot.
    tā yòng jiǎo cèliángle fángjiān.

How to Play

Playing hacky sack is incredibly straightforward, requiring only a small wooden block and a willing group of participants. First, find a flat surface, preferably with some bounce, such as concrete or a basketball court. Then, toss the block onto the ground, kick it with your foot to make it bounce, and quickly catch it with the same foot. Successfully kicking踢 () and catching the block consecutively constitutes a successful hacky sack.

踢 (), verb, kicking


  1. He is kicking the ball.
    tā zhèngzài tī zúqiú.
  2. Puppy like kicking the ball.
    xiǎo gǒu xǐhuān tī qiú.

Why is Hacky Sack Fun

Despite its apparent simplicity, hacky sack is filled with challenges and enjoyment. Firstly, it serves as a social activity, fostering interaction and communication among players. Whether it's casual banter between friends or bonding among strangers, hacky sack brings people closer together, enhancing camaraderie.

Secondly, hacky sack is an excellent way to exercise coordination and reflexes. Through continuous kicking and catching of the block, players can improve their reaction speed and agility, enhancing physical coordination and promoting overall health.

Key Sentences:

  1. We had a lot of fun playing hacky sack in the park.
    Wǒmen zài gōngyuán lǐ wán tī jiànzi, fēicháng kāixīn.
  2. Yesterday, my friends and I practiced hacky sack together.
    Zuótiān wǒ hé péngyǒumen yīqǐ liànxí tī jiànzi.
  3. The children played hacky sack games on the school playground.
    Háizimen zài xuéxiào cāochǎng shàng wán tī jiànzi yóuxì.

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