Chinese children's game: Eagle catching chicks-lǎo yīnɡ zhuō xiǎo jī

Monday, April 22, 2024

As a part of traditional Chinese culture, children's games carry rich historical and cultural significance. Among them, Eagle Catches Chicks is a widely popular traditional game that not only improves children's physical fitness but also fosters their teamwork and strategic thinking. This article will delve into this enjoyable game.

Gameplay of Eagle Catches Chicks-老鹰捉小鸡 (lǎo yīng zhuō xiǎo jī)

Eagle Catches Chicks is a game similar to "hide and seek"捉迷藏 (zhuō mí cánɡ) and is usually played by a group of children. In the game, children divide themselves into two groups: one group is the "chicks," and the other is the "eagles."

At the beginning of the game 游戏 (yóu xì), all the "chicks" 小鸡 (xiǎo jī) stand within a designated area, while the "eagles" 老鹰 (lǎo yīng) wait nearby. Once the game starts, the chicks start running around, trying to avoid being caught by the eagles. The eagles' task is to catch as many chicks as possible and bring them back to the "eagle's nest," which is typically a designated safe zone. The caught chicks become new eagles and join in catching others until all the chicks are caught.

游戏 (yóu xì), noun, game


  1. We play games in the park.
    wǒmen zài gōngyuán wán yóuxì.
  2. This game is very interesting.
    zhège yóuxì hěn yǒuqù.

Significance and Values of the Game

Eagle Catches Chicks is not just a form of entertainment but also a way to educate children about teamwork, strategic thinking, and social skills.

Firstly, through the chasing and running in the game, children improve their physical fitness and reflexes. In the fast-paced running, they not only need to be agile but also utilize their entire body strength to evade the eagles' pursuit.

Secondly, Eagle Catches Chicks fosters a sense of teamwork 合作 (hé zuò) among children. In the game, chicks need to cooperate with each other and devise escape plans to avoid the eagles' capture. Meanwhile, the eagles need to collaborate closely to catch as many chicks as possible.

Lastly, the game sparks children's imagination and creativity. They can adapt the game rules according to their preferences and environmental conditions, adding more fun and challenges.

合作 (hé zuò), noun, teamwork


  1. We need teamwork to complete this project.
    Wǒmen xūyào tuánduì hézuò cáinéng wánchéng zhège xiàngmù.
  2. Good teamwork can achieve better results.
    Hǎo de tuánduì hézuò kěyǐ qǔdé gèng hǎo de chéngguǒ.

Key Sentences:

  1. I like to play Eagle Catches Chicks with my friends.
    Wǒ xǐhuān hé wǒ de péngyǒu wán lǎoyīng zhuō xiǎo jī.
  2. The game I played most often when I was a child was Eagle Catches Chicks.
    Zài wǒ xiǎoshíhou wǒ zuì cháng wán de yóuxì shì lǎoyīng zhuō xiǎo jī.
  3. I saw a group of kids playing Eagle Catches Chicks.
    Wǒ kàn dào yī qún xiǎo péngyǒu zài wán lǎoyīng zhuō xiǎo jī.

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