China's Top 3 Lucky Numbers

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

In Chinese culture, numbers carry unique symbolic meanings, and specific numbers are often regarded as symbols of auspiciousness and good fortune. Among numerous numbers, three are considered the most favored by the Chinese, playing crucial roles not only in daily life but also deeply rooted in cultural traditions.

八 (Eight): Symbol of Prosperity and Wealth

Eight is considered an extremely auspicious number in Chinese culture because the pronunciation of "八" () is similar to "发" (), meaning wealth and prosperity. This association makes eight a symbol of welcoming prosperity and affluence. For example, many people intentionally choose numbers with the digit eight for their mobile phone numbers, license plates, or business names. "1688," for instance, symbolizes "一路发发发" (yīlù fā fā fā), conveying the wish for smooth progress in all endeavors.

九 (Nine): Symbol of Longevity and Endurance

Nine, pronounced as "久" (jiǔ), symbolizes longevity and endurance in Chinese. People often prefer dates related to the number nine for significant celebrations and life events, such as wedding anniversaries or the signing of important business agreements. Especially within families, nine is regarded as an auspicious number associated with prayers for longevity and good health.

六 (Six): Symbol of Smoothness and Success

The pronunciation of six, "六" (liù), is similar to the word "流" (liú), meaning flow or smoothness. Chinese people like to associate this number with the flow of life and success. When choosing everyday items, store names, or license plate numbers, the consideration of smoothness and success often leads to the preference for the number six.

In Which Occasions are These Numbers Appropriate?

八 (Eight): Prosperity in Business

Occasions: Store Names, Phone Numbers, Business Naming

For instance, a newly opened supermarket might be named "FaFa Mart," aiming to attract more customers and symbolizing prosperity in business. Some companies may choose a registration number or trademark with the digit eight, expressing the hope for flourishing and prosperous business.

九 (Nine): Celebrations in Life

Occasions: Wedding Dates, Anniversaries, Birthday Celebrations

Many couples choose the 9th of September (09/09) for their wedding day, signifying a lasting and happy marriage. Important family milestones, such as anniversaries, often feature dates associated with the number nine, expressing wishes for longevity and family happiness.

六 (Six): Smooth Career Path

Occasions: License Plate Numbers, Store Addresses, Personal Phone Numbers

A company might opt for a phone number ending with the digit six, hoping for a smooth and prosperous business journey. Including the number six in a store's address or personal phone number conveys the desire for a hassle-free and successful life journey.

Which number do you like? What is your lucky number?

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