Aesthetics of Tang Dynasty

Friday, April 19, 2024
The aesthetic appeal of the Tang Dynasty has been an enduring fascination for over a millennium. The era's prosperity and opulence attracted countless admirers, who were drawn to its open and liberal cultural atmosphere, as well as its distinctive aesthetic style. Tang Dynasty's beauty resonated through various forms, including poetry, painting, music, and attire. These artistic expressions not only reached the pinnacle of glory at that time, but also exerted a profound influence on the world as China, the sole superpower of the time, made significant cultural and economic impacts. Let us now delve into the aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty.


Tang Dynasty architecture pursued large-scale construction, where palaces, Buddhist temples, and gardens occupied vast spaces. Influenced by the aesthetic principle of "grandeur as beauty," its overall architectural style emphasized the grandeur and intrinsic sense of strength, focusing on stability and magnificence in structure, and pursuing an upward and dynamic expression in its rooflines, often presented in a full and flowing manner. In terms of detail, decorative arts 艺术 (yì shù) such as painting and carving were applied, imparting a refined and delicate touch to the architectural works, evoking a sense of marvel and admiration for the ingenious design.
艺术 (yì shù), noun, art


  1. The Tang Dynasty was rich in art forms.
    tánɡ dài de yì shù xínɡ shì hěn fēnɡ fù。
  2. What kind of art do you like?
    nǐ xǐ huɑn nǎ yì zhǒnɡ yì shù?


The Tang poetry era was considered the "golden age" of poetic development, boasting not only a large quantity of poems, but also diverse styles. Represented by literati like Li Bai, the poets used poetry to express their ideals and aspirations, as well as to convey their positive attitude towards life in the face of setbacks, embodying the spiritual beauty of poetry. Moreover, Tang poetry paid attention to the rhythm and tonal patterns, adhering to strict rules of rhyme and rhythm, creating a unique musical beauty in recitation. Furthermore, the language of Tang poetry was refined and full of profound meanings, with each word carefully chosen by the poet, endowing the poems with great artistic and cultural significance, embodying the linguistic beauty of poetry.


Tang clothing embraced a variety of styles, integrating elements from the Han culture of the central plains and other ethnic minority cultures, culminating in a unique fashion. The colors used were extremely vibrant and rich, popularizing hues of red, purple, yellow, and green, boldly contrasting them. The attire was adorned with various embroideries 刺绣 (cì xiù) and prints, often depicting natural and auspicious motifs, adding vividness and subtlety to the clothing. The wide and flowing hemlines, along with unique designs, allowed women of different body shapes to showcase their charm, reflecting the inclusiveness and uniqueness of Tang clothing. Furthermore, Tang women emphasized coordinated outfits, where each ensemble represented a complete image. They would accessorize with different hairpins, accessories, and makeup according to their desired style, thus maximizing the artistic beauty of attire.
刺绣 (cì xiù), noun, embroidery


  1. Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Chinese art.
    cì xiù shì zhōnɡ ɡuó yì shù zhōnɡ yì kē cuǐ càn de mínɡ zhū。
  2. Shu embroidery is from Sichuan.
    shǔ xiù yuán yú sì chuān。

Distinctive Aesthetics of Tang Women

In contrast to the past inclination towards slender figures, Tang women sought a voluptuous and robust physique. They also pursued luxurious makeup and attire, with intricate and opulent jewelry greatly in vogue. In art, they exhibited confident and passionate demeanors, with relatively revealing and graceful postures. At this time, women held relatively high social status, striving for innovation and creating various makeup styles that reflected their individual charm.

Impact on the Modern Era

The values revered by the Tang Dynasty resonate with our modern ideals, such as diversity in aesthetics and gender equality. Moreover, the uniqueness of Tang clothing has influenced modern fashion design, while its diverse makeup styles and hair accessories have been embraced by numerous young people today, further contributing to the popularity of Tang culture.

key sentences:

Do you know the costume of Tang Dynasty?
nǐ liáo jiě tánɡ dài de fú shì mɑ ?
There were various types of makeup during the Tang Danasty.
tánɡ dài de zhuānɡ rónɡ fēn hěn duō zhǒnɡ 。
The Tang Dynasty emphasized gender equality.
tánɡ dài zhù zhònɡ nán nǚ pínɡ děnɡ 。

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