Victoria Harbour-维多利亚港 (wéi duō lì yà gǎng)

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Victoria Harbour, 维多利亚港 (wéi duō lì yà gǎng) located in Hong Kong, is a significant natural harbor renowned for its breathtaking beauty and economic importance. In this introduction, we'll explore key features of Victoria Harbour, emphasizing essential vocabulary for Chinese learners. Let's begin!

Harbor Overview 

Victoria Harbour, also known as 维多利亚港 (wéi duō lì yà gǎng) in Chinese, is situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. It serves as a vital maritime gateway, connecting Hong Kong to the world. The harbor's vast expanse of water, surrounded by stunning skyscrapers and picturesque landscapes, creates an impressive contrast between nature and urban development.

Scenic Beauty 

One of the most captivating aspects of Victoria Harbour is its 美丽的夜景 (měi lì de yè jǐng) beautiful night view, which is internationally acclaimed for its stunning night view. The glittering lights from towering buildings reflect off the water's surface, forming a dazzling light show that attracts millions of visitors each year. During the 中国新年 (zhōng guó xīn nián) or Chinese New Year celebration, the harbor becomes even more vibrant with colorful fireworks illuminating the night sky.

Economic Significance 

Beyond its natural beauty, 维多利亚港 (wéi duō lì yà gǎng) Victoria Harbour is also a bustling center of 商业活动 (shāng yè huó dòng) or business activities. The harbor accommodates busy port operations, serving as a key trading hub for the global market. Its strategic location and efficient transportation links contribute to Hong Kong's reputation as a major financial and commercial hub in Asia.

Victoria Harbour

"维" (wéi) is pronounced like the English word "way," but slightly longer. Open your lips slightly and place your tongue in the middle of your mouth.

多" (duō) is pronounced similar to the English word "dough," but without the "gh" sound. Open your lips slightly and place your tongue in the middle of your mouth.

"利" () is pronounced like the English word "lee," but slightly longer. Open your lips slightly and place your tongue in the middle of your mouth.

"亚" () is pronounced like the English word "yah." Keep your tongue in the middle of your mouth and slightly open your lips.

"港" (gǎng) is pronounced like the English word "gong." Keep your lips gently closed and place your tongue at the front of your mouth.

Key Sentences:

  1. Victoria Harbour is a famous natural harbor in Hong Kong. 
    Wéiduōlìyà Gǎng shì Xiānggǎng zhùmíng de tiānrán gǎngkǒu.
  2. The beautiful night view of Victoria Harbour attracts many tourists. 
    Wéiduōlìyà Gǎng měilì de yèjǐng xīyǐnle xǔduō yóukè.
  3. Ships from around the world visit Victoria Harbour for trade. 
    Láizì shìjiè gèdì de chuánzhī qiánlái Wéiduōlìyà Gǎng jìnxíng màoyì.

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